Blue name in game?

So when I join the game, the normal white “_____ has joined the game” is blue, and when people see me ingame, they ask me why my name is blue. Any idea why this is?

When other people join the game, the majority of the text it white, while mine is blue, and reportedly the name above my head is blue as well.

Well whats your steam name? Any weird symbols ahead of it?

I get the same thing. My name shows up when I use the web client, but not the Steam client.

Sorry for the" winner thing" i’m on my phone and it seems to be buggy

What’s the point of your screenshot?

As far as I know, some games, if you have weird characters in your name in Steam, then your name will not display properly in the game,
I own Chivalry and my name had unusual characters, and when i played, my name was Player 597 or something,

It is most likely just characters in your name that is not accepted.

It’s a color code thingy before people used it ingame but they fixed that if they talk in chat it will be something like this = [133337]NAME and it will be the colorcode when they logg in. And you dont change ur name on the website anymore if you have it on steam. The steam profile name will be ur ingame name now.