Blue Picasso

The sadness and despair expressed during Picasso’s Blue Period is in full bloom and portrayed tremendously in this screenshot.
Really good job!

I feel like this picture really speaks to me as an aspiring artist. Picasso’s face obscured by a camera to represent the coming of newer artistic forms while also hiding his face to represent his feelings during the Blue Period - and the surrounding of the shot representing the Modern Art of that period.

i like the scat

Well, this is…shit, literally

Im feeling as if you dont understand art, or atleast the art shown here. Refer to two post above and read up, buddy!

thank you for your extremely well thought out post and constructive criticism, i will take this into account next time when i post a picture on this forum.

This picture cured my depression and suicidal tendencies.

I guess the power of some well versed art has no bounds after all :wink:
I think the rest of you lot really need to start to look at things with a less vindictive and malicious nature, you’ll be amazed at the results!

I hope you’re being sarcastic.

I don’t think you’re getting what I’m saying…

uh there’s no need to be rude

Bloody brilliant! I feel like a better person after seeing this.

dude i like the scat

uh there’s no need to be nice either lol checkmate

I feel like the colors should be tweaked a bit however, perhaps editing it in Paint.NET?

i first read mein kampf at my dead hispanic neighbours funeral, and the only thing i thought about was how much shit i could gather up into one thing and call it a picasso when it loses all meaning of its origin

i have soiled myseld to no enne…

This picture makes me want to mutilate myself.

Specifically, my ear.