"Blue Portals" (Coming some day)

[RELEASE]“Blue Portals” is a total conversion for Portal. Of course total conversions for Portal are really just maps. Thus they fit into this section.
Blue Portals doesn’t focus on the trigger-finger where the player has to rely on his reflexes, but rather on the power of thought, just like in VALVe’s Portal level.

Before I get started I would like to point out that I didn’t make this mod, but I have the author’s consent to make this thread to spread awareness for the mod.
In fact I requested making this thread to him first due to the simple fact that I thought that he deserved more views. He’s amazing at creating levels.
“Reepblue”'s channel and videos of “Blue Portals” can be located here;

For the sake of it I’ll post some of them here.

Things that make the maps unique are how well thought-out they are, yet at the same time so well-designed.

With an excellent pacing and some brilliantly thought-out puzzles. Add that to some well done textured, well made ambiance and great level design and you have what you see above.

Some of the techniques used in “Blue Portals” can be seen in misc. videos here;

And hopefully we’ll see some of the Portal 2 techniques he’s made in Hammer before;

Tell your friends about this mod, create some hype and leave feedback to the author in his videos. Subscribe to his channel for more, similar videos.[/RELEASE]

Looks great, I look forward to a release.

It looks very interesting, a good twist on Portal.

Wow Amazing !! Nice work :slight_smile:

I love the light reflecting :slight_smile:

Very nice, excursion tunnel was cool, obviously needs work.

Now all this needs is dynamic lighting.

Improve ice texture, didn’t see why the button wouldn’t go down at first(Though you probably already know this)

Is that Fallout music I’m hearing?


(Also, you might want to change the letters on the cube to something other than B.P. because people will think that you`re making a reference to the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico… Just kidding. :v: )

Just thought about something why are there no portal maps in a half life 2 enviroment?
Or outdoor enviroments in general?

Because portal takes place inside of a testing facility called aperture science.

Yeah i know but you don’t have to follow the story

Well, it’s pointless and it makes the mapping infinity harder.

Regardless, I’d still love to see some different themed Portal maps.

That’s probably the most professional take on modding Portal that I’ve seen so far.

Well, the ice / fire cubes don’t look to Valve-y, but other than that I’m looking forward to the completion and release of this mod :v:

Looks amazing, can’t wait :smile:

How do you suggest? Make it more grunge-y?
It wouldn’t really fit with the level design if it were.

And, nope. I don’t think so.

My favourite thing about this mod is the music.

Everything about it is so well done and it all comes together so nicely, but the music is just gravy.

Oil stain portals!

Make the fire cube make alot more “fiery” currently it’s really shiny, tone it down and make it more dirty

I don’t know what kind of fire you’re looking at, but if anything…fire is shiny