Blue Print + Experience point "Suggestion"

I read a lot lately about a lot of people unhappy about the actual Blue Print acquiring system… If you’re lucky you can find valuable BP fast… but if you’re unlucky, like most player look to be like from what I’ve read, you can grind barrel an entire week without never finding the BP you are looking for.

So my suggestion will be to add something like experience point to unlock BP… so BP will be unlock when you reach this preset experience level (if you do not already find it), the more valuable the BP the more experience level you will need.
To up your experience level you will need to smash barrel (I do not want to remove this)… Actually you can smash 500 barrel without ever finding something like a “metal hatchet” it’s only pure luck. But if you can unlock the BP let say at 300 barrel, at least even if you are unlucky you will still got it sometime.

What do you think of that.

P.S. I do not no if the dev read the suggestion and if it serve something to take the time to write it… but at least we can talk about our idea and dream about it. :wink:

I don’t know… I don’t mind it being a bit “harder” to find the valuable stuff… It makes me play the game more dedicated. If it wasn’t for the hacking kids out there, i would playing it at no life level.

not convinced in terms of mechanics. it doesn’t really make sense for you to suddenly know how to make a hatchet. you either know it, learn it from an outside source or don’t know it. on occasion, you might come up with a modified version of something you have seen/know, ie invent something. such as a metal hatchet being the same concept as a stone hatchet, just made with metal instead of stone.

Bp’s should be replaced by “studying”.

Now what does that mean?

Instead of scavenging for bits of paper, you scavenge for the items themselves or kill players for them, then you take them apart and learn how they tick.

There could be varying % chances of successfully learning how to make the item, with things like C4, etc on the low end. The item is almost always destroyed in the end of the process.

So what does this mean?

You can now hunt players to gain blueprints as well, instead of the boring barrel grind.

Also the quality of the reproductions you make will most likely be the “salvaged” versions, perhaps becoming better as you commonly craft something, in turn becoming efficient.

I suggested something similar to this, except for guns and tools only. I was thinking if you find a weapon such as a revolver, the player dismantles it to learn what it is made of / requires and how it is built although only some of the resources would be given back.

I do think the dev’s read everything posted on this forums.

I think the loot tables are not perfect at the moment but I don’t necessarily want to just get something for breaking barrels. There are different ways to play this and perhaps a research kit could be made or at least found so that you could save it up and study something that you get from someone else. That might be unnecessary if the loot tables are slightly improved (ie not getting bps for sleeping bags ect.). I think the idea is that we are supposed to be working together. I have a group of about 10 I play with and they all ask me to make hatchets when I get on. I’m ok with it because I demand the stuff they can make as well.