Blue Rose and Red Queen

This is a request thread for Blue Rose and Red Queen, Nero’s gun and sword from Devil May Cry 4.
Blue Rose :

Red Queen :

I’ve seen that Nero, Dante, and the Angelo models have been ported.
The fans of Devil May Cry and myself would be very much appreciative if these could be done.

I’ve seen the Red Queen in a mod for Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion on, but I can’t remember who made the model itself. You could try heading over to that site and asking the person for the models, assuming they still go to that site.

As for the Blue Rose, I don’t think anyone has made it yet (to my knowledge, at least). In any case, I support this.

The Red Queen is also available as a skin for the Eyelander in TF2. Otherwise, I didnt see any DMC 4 weapon download for GMod, but It will be nice to see those two weapons. I support.

Thanks for the tip.
I found the file.
It also has Agni&Rudra, Yamato, Rebellion, Sparda, and the standard Order Sword.

All of which are very well done, but that link doesn’t have the ones you listed. Although the link you provided is to another weapon mod (Angelo Credo sword), I’m sure BOB666 won’t mind taking some time to get the models made for you. Just make an account on that site and send them a PM. They might be busy with other projects though, so don’t get your hopes up too high.

I’ve seen a TF2 skin for this.

Damn. Didn’t inspect the download.
Guess I will have to ask him, I had the models at one point a long ass time ago.

Bump for The Order.

Another bump.
Just reinstalled Oblivion for some shits and giggles and downloaded this file.
It actually does have the other swords. Credo’s sword was just the latest added.

XNALara models plus .obj provided by Razkurdt

I’ve already asked someone to do all of the weapons. He said he would do it. Already gave him the pack of weapons in .obj format.

Not sure when he’s going to upload it since it’s been 3 days, and he said it’d be done by the night I posted on the thread.

Oh sweet Jesus yes.
Now to wait for SDK to be fixed.

I could easily port the XNALara props but if dsdxp is doing them then just wait