Blue Scout cowers in fear as an enemy approaches

My first attempt at posing:

I made this because I just got a new graphics card and wanted to try out dynamic lighting and shadows. Don’t ask why the edges on the shadow are fuzzy like that, because I don’t know.

Posing is a little stiff but it looks good

Is your card ATI? I just bought a new computer too and my shadows are the same.

Yeah, it’s a Radeon HD 4650

Is that supposed to be the slenderman? :eek:

Good, but the face :frowning:

I have two GTX 260’s in SLI. My shadows are like that too.


Here comes the raep!

Face expression needs to go from :open_mouth: to :o

Hahahaha the Scouts face :downs:!

You read my mind.

He looks like retard. Improve posing. That Heavy’s shadow is cool though. :fuckyou:

What the hell is a blue scout. I only know of BLU scout and RED scout

Source’s dynamic shadows are just shitty like that.

Oh my god, it’s Slenderman!

I bet it a rainbow.

the scout is not cowering, hes having a seizure :smiley: