Blue Screen of Death after Update

Hello I am running Windows 10, i5-6600, gtx 750 ti, 8gb of ram.
Game ran perfect and I loved it for two days. I could not ask for you to fix one thing, except for after this new update, when I press play on Steam it blue screens my PC within seconds. The BSOD is giving an error it labels “PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA (Easyanticheat.sys)”. Again I LOVE LOVE LOVE this game and wouldn’t want to hurt your sales by posting my problems, but I couldn’t find out how to email you.
I am not the only person getting this problem of having BSOD and I know many people on the steam community discussions are having problems with the updated EAC crashing game before it can even start, which I’m guessing may be the same problem sort of? Anyway if anyone on the community has any advice or just anything to say about it go ahead.

Thanks for your time

Could you upload your minidump somewhere? We’ll look at it right away!

The file is located in C:\Windows\Minidump\

OK, here is my last two (both from after patch)

I would assume it has something to do with you graphics card/driver. Try updating your driver.

It has absolutely nothing to do with my graphics card/driver I’d amuse considering it is a problem with Easyanticheat and the game doesn’t get far enough to need the graphics at all, not even to the loader, because it cant get past Easyantichet without BSOD.
Thank though for your input, SlimsantaHD

Full System Restore on Windows 10 fixed this problem for me. Not sure what changed.

The blue screen of death means a hardware problem. Rust did not do this.
Check your hardware