Blue Screen of death - all drivers updated etc

About two months ago I got a new PC. It’s pretty decent and I set it all up excited to play Garry’s Mod loaded Garry’s mod up and I these weird green dots appeared all over my screen, shortly followed by a blue screen of death. This happened for ages, ranging from time sometime it would happen the moment I joined a sever sometimes a few hours after, so there was no pattern. After trying everything, I did loads of things at once. I under clocked set my launch options “+mat_bumpmap 0 +mat_picmip 2 -dxlevel 80” for Garry’s mod and a few other things and it worked!

About a month later I removed all the launch options and defaulted my clock settings and Garry’s mod still worked! Now a week ago, my hardrive failed and I had to get a new one, after installing everything again I get onto a Garry’s Mod sever just to get these green dots again followed by a BSOD! Argh!

I have tried, everything. Searched all through Facepunch forums for BSOD fixe’s aswell as the Steam one’s, tried all the answers I could find off Google. I just went into Gmod and it happened the moment I got into game, yesterday I played for around an hour and it was fine, then it happened.

Nothing is working for me, using the ATI catalyst control centre, I underclocked EVERYTHING as low as it could possibly go, tried all those launch option settings, lowered all the graphics in-game and still no luck.

My specs:
2gig of ram
HD Radon 4850 2 ATI
2.8 Duo processor Intel

Updated all my drivers, including graphics card, Direct X 11, installed the graphics card drivers through the catalyst software, un installed them then installed them manually via the website still no luck :confused:

Any help is appreciated! :frowning:


Did you buy this PC from a store? Or did you build it yourself?

What OS do you use?

Sorry, Windows 7.

I built it my self, until the hard drive failed Garry’s Mod was working fine, the new one is giving me the same problem as the original did at first.

Just played Blackops for 20 minutes, everything works fine.

I disabled my sound devices, went into Gmod and everything seemed fine then after two minutes my screen went off then came back on, I then got an error saying my AMD drivers had failed and Windows has recovered.

I just don’t get why all my other games are fine and Gmod is not, I updated my drives through the Catalyst software which auto checks everything and it said I had the latest drivers so did Steam, just to be sure I un-installed them and installed them manually, same result. :frowning:

When you get the BSOD, try to find the dll that makes you crash. That could help.

The problem is at the moment, as soon as it blue screens it goes off :frowning:

Just completely removed all my drivers and re-installed them again, probably broke it even more as the moment I got into a sever it crashed.

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Ok Just Cause 2 works on high detail, as well as Mafia 2 high detail, no crashes no faults runs smooth. Cod Black ops also runs but I do get the fps lag every now and then but that’s the games fault. So it’s definitely a collision between the drivers and Garry’s Mod. :frowning:

Going to keep providing information hopefully will get someone who has a brain wave and manages to make a fix for me! :frowning:

Un-installed all drivers not through the software this time, properly un-installed them following instructions from a website, took ages.

But re-installed them manually again, it’s actually made it worse, the crash is more severe happens sooner, re-starts quicker blue screen of death appears for like a second.

Other games work fine, tommorow I am going to try other source games, Half Life 2 etc to see if it’s just Garry’s mod specifically or the source engine in general.

HD 4xxx series don’t support DirectX 11.

Also, I used to have a problem similar to yours, where I had to uninstall my video drivers and reinstall the OS, but nonetheless, I’d still get BSOD’s. My problem was my memory sticks corrupted. You might want to check that as well.

Go to the Start menu, search “Memory”, and select “Windows Memory Diagnostic”. You’ll reboot and before loading the OS, it ‘scans’ memory problems.

Hope this helps.

Oh really? I thought the 4000 series did, I have DX11 installed and can play all the latest games fine etc.

I also don’t think it’s a memory problem, because why would EVERYTHING else work except Garry’s mod. Just Cause requires more memory then Gmod and it runs that fine.

I just set my Gmod to run in DirextX9 and it didn’t crashed straight away, I got to play for around five minutes before blue screening! :frowning:

I’d suggest disabling multicore rendering.

Already done that!

I also tried different setting enabling and re-enabling that as I heard dual core’s cause alot of problems for some games. No luck though! :frowning:

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Just been playing Left 4 Dead 2 and CSS, compeltly fine.

Try typing this in the console before starting.

r_decals 0
mp_decals 0

Probably won’t work, but it’s a possibility it might help.

Didn’t help! :frowning: Thank’s anyway.

Set this again today, “+mat_bumpmap 0 +mat_picmip 2 -dxlevel 80” but changed it to 80.1, I managed to play for half an hour and then it happened again! :frowning:

Really pissing me off now.

Just disabled all my sound devices and went into game, played for about ten minutes, thourght woo it’s working! Then… Ah fuck, game froze. But instead of a BSOD, the green dots appeared but then Garry’s mod came back on! Woo, I thourght and an error appeared in the corner of Windows 7 saying something like “Lol amd drivers crashed, but they recovered” then this happend agian and again and again, then I got BSOD! :frowning:

Atleast I know it’s the drivers now, not sure if this helps with anything. Going to go try download the second latest drivers see if that helps!

Knew I should have gone with nvidea!

Re-downloaded a whole version earlyier of my graphics drivers, managed to play Garry’s mod for about an hour before I got the blue screen of death! :frowning:

My room is cold, I put my fan on the side of my case, there’s no way stuff is over heating.

You should consider installing Speccy to check the temp of your GPU.

According to the symptoms it sounds like a graphics driver issue or a physical problem with your graphics card.

It would really help if you could tell us which file is causing the BSOD.

If you’re currently using the catalyst center, you can try to install the display driver only from ATI, or try a much older driver version (as you already said you would).

I will try Speccy tommorow Vadox, Thanks.

Today, my friend remote desktopped to my PC and installed a Driver’s detector program which told you which drivers were out of date, downloaded and installed newer ones. It found drivers I didn’t even know existed, I let it all run and got into game and managed to play two hours before I got the BSOD.

How can I tell you what file is causing the BSOD? Is there a way to screenshot the BSOD? Because it appears for like a second then goes off.

I already tried the bottom suggestion, it did not help. Tried multiple older drivers aswell, going as far back as a whole version (from 10 to 9). :frowning:

You should do a check-up anyways. Doesn’t really hurt to do so.

I started up HL2 today, got into a new game BAM blue screen of death. Thourght right, time to re-install everything, completely removed Steam, then re-installed all my games again loaded up Garry’s mod got onto my favourite sever

Blue screen of death.

This is REALLY annoying! :frowning: