Blue Shit - The Ongoing Adventures of Robin DeMann

This is probably the first and probably only comic I’m going to do, it started out one day when I got bored and I got the idea to do this.

Basically it’s probably the only Gmod comic set in the Half-Life 1 world, and follows the adventures of a Black Mesa security guard during the incident. It’s probably going to get more funny as it goes along, but we’ll see if I can get to 30 issues, I’ll update regularly so check back I guess. And now the actual comic:



It has some potential.
[sp]Ivan the Space Biker’s in the first panel, in the shadows.[/sp]

You don’t see a lot of comics in the HL1 universe anymore. Nicely done.

Part two is up.

3 barneys wtf

Funny stuff, When I saw the title I wonderend how you ill make a HL1-ish comic without ragdolls?, then I remembered about the HLS ragdolls and maps :slight_smile:

Ivan!? Where are you?!?!

I like this, keep going with it.

Part two, panel three. Is that Ivan waaay in the back? Or is he behind the glass in panel four?

Typo in the first panel, but the last frame of part two made me chuckle.

I’m loving this series so far, really. Keep it up, mate!

Also, I found Ivan in the first panel in the shadows on Part 1.

On part 2 I’am not really sure. I believe he’s that guy back there in that office in the fourth panel.

El oh el…

I can’t find Ivan…damn you JPEG compression!