Bluehost VPS? Spec for gmod server

I have been with NFO for a while and i have been wanting to add more servers for cheaper price, so i was looking into VPS hosting.
I found online and i’v been hearing good reviews about it
Would a VPS with 2 cpu cores and 4gb ram be enough to run both server, ttt (20 slot) darkrp (40 slot)?
If that isn’t enough cpu cores and ram, what other package should i invest in?

Go with HostHatch instead. Blazing fast virtualized servers for a really good price. The $15 package would suit you perfectly.

3.5Ghz cores, raided SSD’s, 1Gbit network port, DDoS protection, etc.

My company has used them for some time now (although we order custom dedicated machines with private networking) without any issues at all.

By the way, during order, select a random OS from the list and wait for the email to the control panel. Login there and change it to Ubuntu 14.04 (it’s not available in the list during order, rather after setup it is).

Which operating system do you recommend for darkrp and few other gamemode?

Ubuntu Server 14.04 LTS (Not available during order, but it is available in the control panel after order).
Ubuntu has become so much more stable since the 10.04 > 14.04 releases.

Select this during order:

Thank you :smiley: I am thinking about buying from there but is it hard to install the game and such?

I would recommend Fanatical (now called afterburst) – it’s run by a Facepunch member and is pretty good quality.

I’ve written a tutorial on that on my website which shows how to setup a server on Linux distributions.

Thank you so much :smiley:

RAMNode is pretty good too, I’ve used them for a couple months now - support responds in under an hour, usually and the speeds are great.

But this doesn’t answer my question though. Would a 2 core, 4gb ram vps handle 2 gmod server with 20-40 players on it regularly?

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I live in the east coast of US. It says that hosthatch only hosts in LA for US. Thats pretty far away, i would be getting at least 100 ping

Ask your host if it’s okay to use 50%+ of a single core. If they say yes, then you can do it. Otherwise, don’t be surprised if you find your vps suspended at some point.

You generally don’t get dedicated CPU power with a VPS (NFOservers being a rare exception), so when buying a VPS for a gameserver, you always have the risk of running out of resources, causing extreme lag.

  1. Depends on the CPU model.
  2. You don’t need 4GB RAM for a SRCDS server. One server hardly uses more than 600MB.
  3. Also depends on how optimized the game server itself is.

So if i am able to use 50% of a single core, my servers would run fine without anyone experiencing any problems from the VPS? Such as lacking ram or cpu cores

It doesn’t matter if you get dedicated CPU power or not. Any competent host won’t be running the node at 100% load – the only problem the OP will have is if the host suspends him for the CPU usage that 2x40 slot gmod servers can use.

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You just need to make sure the host will allow high CPU usage on your VPS without suspending you for “abuse”. If they do, you’re golden.

Most of the recent processors (E3 family for instance) will be able to run 2x40 slot gmod servers without even maxing a single core in most cases.

Well, it depends on what gamemode you’re running but you get my point.

Well good luck finding a VPS provider that doesn’t oversell CPU power, especially a cheap one.

Even ~600MB RAM would likely be enough. Please also feel free to check for latency/ping :wink:

Again, regardless of what VPS provider you use it doesn’t matter how “oversold” the node is. What matters is the load average on the node.

Every single OpenVZ provider on the market - regardless on what they tell you - will oversell the nodes CPU.

If you want “dedicated” resources you need to consider a VDS or dedicated server.

KVM VPS? Say you had 32 1GB VPS on a 32GB E3 node… there are only eight cores… four of which are physical… it’s oversold unless they limit the CPU usage by xyz for every single VPS on the node.

I asked in live chat on bluehost website if they allow high cpu usage or near 100%, and they said yes. So am i good to go with that?

I’m not saying you can’t run a game server with good performance on a VPS.
I’m saying that unless you go with one of the very few providers* that offer at least one actually pinned CPU core, generally for far more than you’d pay for a normal VPS, you’re at the risk of your server lagging when other guests on the same node use a lot of power at the same time. If you run your own dedicated server or have a GSP host your gameservers, that just can’t happen.

The only ones I know that even just claim to give you dedicated cores are Nfoservers and a certain host that once made me a private offer for a single pinned core.

Yup, that’s pretty much what I’m saying.