Blueprints and Research Kits

Here are my thoughts on how to introduce research kits (and some other thoughts about BPs and crafting) without upsetting the server balance too terribly. Assume every statement below is qualified with ‘IMO’.

First, research kits should be somewhat rare. Research kits should only be useable at a workbench as in legacy. Research kits should not be researchable or craftable (I assume the shift-drag ability from legacy was a developer tool that was just left in).

To avoid adding a new ‘quality’ mechanism, all crafted items should have some small amount (random, 1-15%?) of durability already ‘used up’. Only allow ‘perfect’ items to be researched, which means that only items that are looted from barrels or crates can be researched, and only if they haven’t been used prior to being researched. Have the researched item either lose some amount of durability (or better yet, be consumed entirely) so that once researched, an item can’t be researched again.

Find an AK in that airdrop? Don’t use it and degrade it on the way home if you want to research it.

Also, with the introduction of the workbench, only allow blueprints to be used at the workbench. Find an AK BP in rad town? You still have to get home with it before you can use it. Even if people build workbenches near rad towns, this will cut down on the ‘suicide’ mission rad town looting. With the introduction of researching, blueprints could be even more rare, that special item that automatically gives you the ability to craft an item without having to find one to research. Maybe very special items have no BP’s and must be researched to be able to be crafted?

I think it’d also be interesting if there were ‘craft component only’ items, items that serve no other purpose but to be used in crafting other items. Maybe firearms all need a somewhat rare firing pin to be crafted. You can collect them when you find them in the hopes of eventually being able to craft guns later, but they are useless until you can. Maybe bucket helms need a ‘metal screen’ component. These items might be treated like currency on servers because of their value to people who can craft.

Just some thoughts I had in response to some discussions about BP’s in other threads.

I like all your ideas, except the one about ‘craft component only’ stuff. That, in my opinion, is a sign of a poorly made crafting system. The example you used in particular is kind of silly because a ‘firing pin’ is basically just a molded metal fragment, and I’d rather have tons of metal fragments that can be used for other things saved up than a bunch of useless stuff taking up storage space.

Every other idea you suggest I 99% agree with, and the left over 1% would be small balance tweaks that could be decided later down the road.

Sure, the firing pin might be a poor example. Every example I can think of is somewhat contrived, but that’s kind of the point – it’s basically the limited resource that prevents someone from grinding easily obtained resources and churning out AK after AK for his friends. I’m not completely tied to it, and I agree that it’d be annoying to store these items.

When you just say the idea behind that, it makes more sense. I’m sure there’s another way to accomplish that without saturating the crafting table with ‘mostly’ useless stuff, but I’ll be damned if I can think of anything better right now.

i stand by the item being destroyed to research it, and yielding less resources than needed to make it. that way even if people make ak’s for their friends, they do so at a loss.

i like the idea of crafted gear never having 100% durability; it represents the flawed attempt at making a modern item out of primitive gear and tools. not so fond of the things like firing pins. reality is that if you do that for one, you need to do it for all items. unless you use it to distinguish between tiers of equipment. for example, needing that firing pin for an ak, but not needing anything for a med syringe.

Yeah, it could definitely become unwieldy in terms of the items you’d need and the storage for them. I thought about something like ‘low grade metal parts’ or ‘high quality gears’, etc. but it seems even more contrived that way and still becomes a storage burden. Maybe this will become less of an issue later if/when metal has to be refined somehow to make higher tier items, for example. The idea though that just ‘time plus easily obtained resources’ are all that are needed to craft items that are incredibly powerful just doesn’t feel right.

What if you gathered random bits of materials and could assemble them to work in some kind of interactive crafting system?

Like gas can + hose + lighter + hand pump = flame thrower

All assembled by arranging parts together, granted this would be a complicated system.

The problem with “interactive” crafting is the internet.