Blueprints are unnatural. Change them into broken item. From with one u can learn how to craft it.

Dear Developers,

Blueprints looks unnatural. In post apocalyptic world blueprints doesn’t exists ;p . But it can be fixed very easy. Really not much work. Just change blueprints into broken item.
Broken item can’t be fixed but by looking on them , examining them you can learn how it works.
Also I think examining broken items should be possible only at repair branch and take some time. Or at least examining complicated items like guns should be possible only on repair branch. Example:
You find broken item, you take it to repair branch, examine it, brake into pieces. Now you know how it works, might craft it. Broken item is gone because you broke it into pieces.

For me making game more realistic logic is very important. Thanks to it I feel whole adventure much more. That’s what I love in Rust, adventure. Every day is different. Every day is adventure.
I really believe that very simply change will make game better.

Best regards

this isnt priority, so i doubt they will yet

Agreed. Broken items instead of a BP make sense.

I would rather not have blueprints at all, instead you learn how to craft things by deconstruction.

Deconstruction of an item will allow you to craft a 25% durability version, deconstructing full durability versions of items will result in an additional 25%, deconstructing anything less than max durability will result in 10% learning of the item.

This allows people to take items they find back to the repair bench and deconstruct it ( or workbench or w/e ) and then learn how to craft shitty versions until they put the time and effort into learning it inside and out after either lots of crafts or deconstructing pre built versions they find.

By the way, when you find an AK blueprint, its an AK that fall on the ground. a physical AK drop from the barrel, you pick it up, and in your inventory it have the AK icon with the little blueprint on the top right corner. you dont actually find a piles of blue paper, you find an unusable Assault rifle. They changed the model in last update, and its not beige bags that drop. some of the items have their world model when you drop it, and the items that have a world model use the same world model for their blueprint equivalent. So its in fact a broken Assault rifle, just in game they name it “Assault Rifle Blueprint” instead of “Broken Assault Rifle”.

Now on the other hand, maybe it should be required to be taken to the workbench, this functionnality is not developped yet. i guess that makes sense that it should require some time to learn and not be instant, but hey its a game and its for gameplay purpse, not realism.