Blueprints for gun mods

So i’ve only found 1 gun mod so far, the flashlight, which is the most useless for me in my opinion.

Q: How rare are the gun mods? I live next to a factory city, killed tons of zombies, looted buildings, and i haven’t found another gun mod blueprint

Q: Where should i look to find them? (If a city, what boxes and what buildings if you know what i mean)?

Hopefully someone can help me :slight_smile:

Playrustwiki, don’t make threads for things like this

Well i’m sure he didn’t know that asking questions weren’t allowed, considering this is a forum. This question could easily become a conversation of how weapon blue prints can work int he game :slight_smile:

You don’t need a whole thread for a question, nor do the dev’s need any suggestions.

The wiki does not say. It says you can find the attachments in crates or you can research them. Nothing about rare/common or what crates or what buildings, i was just looking for someone with experience on the game who could give me a better details answer :slight_smile:

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I think the dev’s should be looking for suggestions to be honest, the game is in Alpha/beta, pretty sure the makers of the game will be looking for ways to improve :slight_smile:

Nobody can, since the probability tables haven’t been released yet. They will also most likely change soon when the game is released.

I went to the wiki. The wiki did not answer my question. So what else could i use to find out the answer would be a forum :wink:

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Ahh yes, but people with enough experience on the game, who go hunting for items such as these, they’ll have a brief estimate on these won’t they? At least it’s something that way :slight_smile:

Then why would you tell him to not ask a question and go to the wiki if you know the wiki doesn’t have it? That’s what the forum is then, to get a group conversation going on experience.

Okay - the discussion has clearly ended because nobody knows or cares enough to go to these places and take estimates of how much spawns.

Wait, so you argued that he shouldn’t of asked the question on the forums and should of gone to the wiki but when it turns out that it wasn’t on the wiki anyway, now the question is void because you got proven wrong…wow.

KillerLUA, don’t make posts like this

ON-topic: All BP’s can be found mainly on zombies and most in crates. You can go an the wiki and found what items spawn in what type of crate i.e wooden crate, Red crate, Green crate and focus on the one that spawn BP’s mainly, I think its the Red crate. But all in all zombies are your best bet…or other people, and a research kit is your best friend.

I don’t notice gun mods too often. The best way to get them, or anything else, would probably be to claim a spawn area without radiation. Just build up some doors and stuff, and you can just camp the spawn until you find all that you could ever want. :slight_smile:

You can’t do that anymore since they added in a feature that prevents you being able to build around pre-made map buildings i.e the crate spawns.

I don’t think they did that?

I wouldn’t be suprised if they did. Because since those spawns of useful items can happen in a building or such, people could just build around it and practically be given useful Items. I’m not sure if they did or not, but i could understand if they did.

Well I would know because I READ the changelog. Why don’t you go read it if your so sure I’m wrong. Its not like I actually play and test the game and keep track of changes or anything.

I do whenever there are updates…
And I just checked to see again, and I didn’t see it…
And I just was saying I didn’t believe that they added that…
You didn’t have to be so pissy…

And that’s so biased, because I do that too. I enjoy being kept up on what’s happening with the game.

It kind of sounds like you’re on your period or something.