Blueprints for prefabs.

I’ve just spent 24 hours building my base all in the knowledge that it could be wiped away in an instant. So I got to thinking how nice it would be if I could make a Blueprint of my Base and save it on Steam. Maybe, even put it up for Sale.

So, I would have a Blueprint for a house, find a patch of land in-game and plonk it down. You would need enough wood on your Newman to build the frame. It would be up yo you then how much upgrading you did to it.

It would mean that small communities could spring up very quickly… rows of terrace house, semi-detached etc.

I think the intention is to slow down the game play and make things take longer, not make them quicker. The fact it only took you 24 hours to build your entire base is proof it needs to slow down. Losing your house is part of the game, wiping the servers isn’t.

Hm, this might be a bit of a pain in the ass to implement.
Even if you could record the a house(I would imagine placing a frame of reference block that you place in the middle of your base, then have to right click every wall, ceiling, and floor to bind each structures relative location and rotation.) and (deal with checking whether or not the house can be placed in a confined space), the current system that prevents building on frames would keep anything aside from the foundations designated in your blueprint from being placed.