Blueprints in s&box.

How do you come up with the idea of doing blueprints (visual scripting) for s&box that someone from the community is doing this? What do you think about that?

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They said they will never do blueprints because some douche called “B3LY” keeps harassing the devs requesting blueprints.
On one hand, I think that’s a bullshit reason, because why do we all need to suffer because of one very obstinate guy, but at the same time I kinda understand why they wouldn’t want to work on blueprints if the only person requesting them is annoying them that much.

If I were that guy, I would just stop asking, it would be better for their case, since apparently asking them every time is only a detriment to their request.


I honestly would not mind making a blueprint editor that converts to C#. It ofc wouldn’t be as good as debugging would be basically impossible, luckily you can always just look at the generated code.


I hate how they felt like they have to harrass them to get it in this. something i would’ve wanted likely wont be in the game app engine thing.
Visual scripting was easy for me but better wait 4 years after release for someone to make the the blueprints mod

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All coding practice is good practice anyway. Everything would be on the wiki, frick that individual for sure. hope he stubs his toe