blueprints in steam inventory Rust

I think one of the most annoying caracteristics of rust are the bp wipe, it’s really unfunny and bad have to start to collect again all the blueprints, specially the weapons and the C4, which are really rare to find. Another problem like this is when you want to change of server for any reason. I think the best solution for this is putting them on the steam inventory once you have unlocked them, and also they ll share across all servers, like they are doing with the cloth now. Also, if the rust team doesnt want to let peolple just buying them without playing and trying to find the bp, they can block the item so the players cannot sold them in the market, like some dota 2 items. I think this ll give a great change for the game.

Worst idea ever. Would destroy the gameplay.

this is an example of 2 sides of the rust player spectrum, who is correct in this situation? THE DEVS OF COURSE.

Its fine for me because new people, especially those who play alone (i am playing alone and im new ._.), get a chance too.

Maybe if you had looked around a little harder you would know that the Devs intend to share blueprints across all servers…


Read the devblogs.

Its literally been talked about for almost half a year now, maybe more. The idea was even mentioned back when Rust was still called experimental and people lost their shit. This is definitely happening sooner than later.

Sounds like a bad idea. Since players will basically be given them on some servers. Then take them to competitive servers.

Hopefully they can that crap idea right away.

Just gonna say it, first negative feedback I’ve heard for this idea, although you make a valid point. I think before this is implemented however they would have a solution to this. Also, another thing they are planning is traveling to other ‘islands’ which would be transitioning between servers while in-game, and having you keep your inventory when going to other servers through the server list as well. I would assume this would also require for regulation of aquireing items. But there is a lot of work to be done before we get these features.

They could make it so servers, mainly community ones I guess can allow/disallow this kind of thing. Items would also be bad. Going on a modded server. Get given a full kit (/kit) then switch server again to another vanilla server.

Either way I don’t think it’s required and wouldn’t wanna see either idea implemented.

I guess if they do it the way you say you could easily just play on the servers that don’t support it.

Oh I would for sure. And it would be the end if my rust career if I couldn’t. I play rust as a hardcore survival game. Not 24/7 battle royal or team death match.

Personally I already feel that progression is too fast in rust still, I’d like to see the early-mid game drawn out more so we get the opportunity to use all the weapons they added recently. Right now all those melee weapons and the crossbow are underused and redundant within a few hours of play.

The ideas we are discussing for me will only add to this problem, but I understand that’s a problem that isn’t globally shared amongst the community. Some feel rust is too Grindy now, I’d have to disagree.

I’m on the total opposite spectrum of you, OP. For me, wipes be them map or BP, are essential in Rust to keep things interesting and keep the playing field level.

I can understand why people want persistent BP’s and even never to see wipes, but from experience, while it’s good on paper, it kills the fun. Once you know everything, have a big ass base, there isn’t much at all to do and it gets boring fast. To me the journey to that stage is what’s fun.

If they do go ahead with something like this, they need to do two things:

  1. Allow players to reset the BP’s on their own account so they can start from scratch. Perhaps on a per-server basis?
  2. Allow servers to ignore account BP’s, allowing the owners of said servers to run a server where progression is reset if they wish to WITHOUT making it “modded”, I’d like a simple command line switch.

I do read the devblogs but cant remember something explicit about. I remember that they where talking about server traveling so permanent blueprints makes sense.

The server I play on wipes BPs every 2 months and I like it that way. Honestly, by the time a full wipe comes along, most people who’ve been playing there for a while have most of the BPs and there’s really nothing left to do in the game. What do you do when you have everything? There’s no longer any real survival involved. Even if you get raided and get your base wiped out, it’s really not that hard to get re-established since now you can make all the tools and items you need.

Personally, I look forward to the BP wipe because once again it gives you some purpose in the game. Right now, the end-game state for Rust is pretty stale if you ask me. With my group, we usually get to that end game state pretty rapidly. And as an added bonus, it means that everyone on the server starts off again on equal footing - be it long-time server vets or people logging in for the server for the first time.

You guys obviously haven’t seen this, the Devs are gonna be adding enough content for constant progress over like 6 month wipe cycles which would probably be total wipes where everyone is forced to start again.

I know all about that, but I’m stating my opinion and I’m not shaping it around facepunch’s plans.

Adding more stuff will just increase the gap between the newmen and established players and this right now is the main reason why “wiped today” servers have a shit ton of players and “wiped 3 weeks ago” servers are almost empty.

And that’s why nothing would be stopping you from going on a less populated server to gear up.

Oh that’s right, dispersing the player base to a ton of 1-man servers is where Rust should go. Might as well add a single player mode to farm BP’s?

THIS is what’s fun about Rust… Starting with nothing and trying to get ahead with a bunch of murderous newmen in the same situation as you roaming the countryside… smashing a barrel with your rock, never knowing if another player is aiming at you, carefully planing a head shot… Having tons of stuff you just took 1h to gather to make a first base and encountering a bunch of murderous thugs and fighting for your life and valuables, etc.

There is no fun starting with everything… None whatsoever. What’s next? One big MMO-style map with all players and no-wipe?