Blueprints on the steam store? A bad idea or the Baddest idea?

In today’s devblog, the developer’s intent to make blueprints in rust transferable over the Steam store was introduced. I think this is a very poor idea for several reasons.

It was not clear from the post if blue prints were intended to be “Universal” or “Unique” to a particular server. If blue prints are “Universal” or account wide, then getting a shotgun blueprint on “bobs server US” would be usable by me on “Jims server US” and vice versa. To me, this is a bad decision because it will severely reduce the replay-ability of Rust as a game. (I got the blue prints on one server and now every time I log on I have all of them.)

Even if blue prints can only be used on one server at a time the implications on gameplay are still pretty shit. If i get a bunch of blue prints on “Jims server US” I can xfer them all to myself later on “Bobs server US” That’s … not fun either.

How will this impact individual servers? right now, “Jims server US” can customize various elements of gameplay including spawning weapons or blueprints at will. Certainly this feature would have to be removed somehow in order to prevent the GM of “Jims server” from spawning a shit load of blue prints for his friends who then go sell them to players on “Bobs server US” which is run by a more tight handed Admin. A decision to link the economies of various servers together with REAL WORLD MONEY necessitates a complete lock down on pretty much all server customization, I would think. I think this is bad. I love games with lots of server variety to serve any and all play-styles.

It would be universal and server owners wouldn’t be able to spawn them.

How would they “drop?” Percent chance to drop on kill? Percent chance to drop given an amount of time logged on? either way… when i load onto a new server with a new map… I want a new experience. I don’t want all the advancements I made in an old game I played days ago.

It’s like playing a game of monopoly and just holding on to all the houses and hotels you built the last time you played

Blueprints will drop as you play rust, lets say you played rust for a hour or two. You’ll eventually get a be able to get a blueprint.

Ok, here is the issue.

Then why even offer the ability to sell? Why not trade alone if that’s the intention?

No, because you still have to land on the square and build them. You don’t start the next game with an inventory full of bolt actions. You still have to get all the parts and put it together.

In the monopoly example it’s actually reversed. Without the universal blueprints it would be like every time you play monopoly you have to learn what a house is and how to build it, and then learn what a hotel is and how to upgrade to it. Even though you have landed on a square and have the resources to build, you can’t until you learn these things.

Because that’s how steam works.

I’m sorry, that seems an excuse. If this is the actual case and a developer cannot choose to allow trades only. If a dev team really wanted such a system, they could implement it themselves.

Its pretty much how all trading cards are for games now, its sucks yes, heck i spent like .80 for cards. I wish it was just tradable too. But until then, all we can do is let it take its course.

Again, if a developer really wanted such, they could make their own. Or better yet, just let players trade (or steal) from one another in person in game, per server.

Nether has a Global inventory system. It reduces immersion. The only difference here is that blueprints versus actual inventory is global (other than servers that will block).

EDIT: Tell you what. What of instead of all blueprints, this system only allows trades for “fluff” items that don’t effect gameplay. Face paint designs, hats, etc. Yep, just like TF2 which Garry is referencing.

This idea is fucking horrendous. It is wrong and manipulative.

So there is no other way to receive/create blueprints other than when they are randomly dropped? And on top of that, if I want to craft something as basic as some boots/a coat, I have to either a) wait a few hours or b) pay for them?

Sure, it isn’t pay to win. But it definitely is pay for conveniences. Which is the next best thing. Poor.

Totally making a private server for myself and farm blueprints at no risk. Free money I guess. Still hate the system they are creating. Paying for powerful items should not be the way Rust should go when in fact you should find a way to get in within the game.

Worst idea ever. Breaks immersion, no point in exploring and finding things on your own.

I don’t give if Rust has a drop system, but it needs to be purely cosmetic. Anything that can give you an advantage over someone else without having to put time into it is a horrible idea for this kind of game.

Agreed, by far the worst idea they have had since they decided to rebuild an already successful and fun game.

I am strongly against the idea, it feels terrible, I agree with everybody on that etc BUT this is not our game. If the devs think it’s what’s best then let’s see what they have to offer…
… BUT Devs, if you really think trading outside the game is a plus to Rust, then make the objects only tradable. (no selling, no buying). Ok now you won’t get money from it but you’ll have achieved your goal, deal? (I still think this not a good idea though)

Also: Shall we make some kind of petition in the form of a Rust bug/suggestion and make people upvote it to the top of the list?

EDIT: That one for example

the whole blueprint thing is a bad idea because people could pay to have rifles or c4 or whatever and just have to gather the resources while some of us who don’t want to spend more money will have to find the blueprints and then gather the resources, It’s a hidden pay to win strategy. And I assume that pistol blueprints, for example, will be more plentiful than C4 or rifles (if not the whole thing is pointless) , if that is the case it will be even more unfair to the people who don’t want to spend money.

You’re the dude who actually posted the ticket, nice xD.

Worst idea i even heard. The blueprints drop/spawn is controlled by SERVER. SERVER!, not the steam platform.
I’m as server owner don’t wan’t this way of game. Players buy|sold other blueprints, i can’t control this.
This way gonna rust die much quickly then lot of bugs -_-

Is Garry Newman the next Kevin Rose?

He’s making the game pay to win, but will deny it because he is the next Kevin Rose.

Reduces immersion, BAD idea…

Let people get blueprints in-game. Either by killing someone or trading with someone, not from steam market.

My suggestion is develop a way to make trading in-game more possible, that would greatly increase the immersion. For example, building things that makes trading possible. Make it possible to build banks that CAN have security, for example if a player wants to rob someone he would have to deal with that banks security, guards etc. I mean come on, you can come up with a lot more fun and interactive ways of trading than putting it on the steam market.

In garrys mod RP, there are buildings that you can have a box that you can open from 1 side, but the box is only open at one side at once, so you wouldn’t have to risk getting a gun in your face whilst trading.

And, another suggestion is that blueprints are not “learnable”. Make it so you need to have them stashed in your inventory somewhere to be able to craft an item with it.

Come on Garry, you can be smarter than that. Do not mix steam-market with a game like rust. There ARE other solutions.

Had some time to think on my drive home. My thoughts have changed somewhat, although i still feel that selling recipes is essentially a bad idea.

Rust should be a 60 dollar game. Not because Gary will ever charge that much for it, simply because it SHOULD be. It’s that good. or has promise to become that good. selling millions “complete” licenses for rust at 20 dollars and saturating the market I think was a mistake. How does facepunch correct this error? is it even possible? the cards in the marketplace is an attempt to recoup some of these lost potential earnings. lets call a spade a spade here. Even if facepunch isn’t putting up the cards for sale themselves, they are absolutely taking a cut off the back end. Having said this, I think Gary and co are COMPLETELY entitled to some additional revenue from Rust. I want them to be motivated to produce the 60 dollar game rust can be. so how do we get there?

Selling recipes could be a solution. but it needs to be done the right way. Firstly, the vast majority of recipes should be baseline in rust. In making this change, the crafting system needs a significant overhaul. I’ve outlined several suggestions for how this can be done here:

Once these changes are made, I would support facepunch periodically releasing on steam, for sale, “content” packages of 5-6 new recipes at a time. Release one around Halloween and include [pumpkin cannons]. release one around Christmas and include [snowmen]. hell, release one cuz you want some more money and include [purple polk-a-dot suspenders]. it doesn’t matter. Ideally these items should be cosmetic or comical in nature… in order to prevent players from complaining about “pay to play” issues. Certainly, fundamental items like a pistol or a shotgun should not have their blueprints be sold in such a manner. Although, I would support more powerful “limited release” items, but i might be alone on this. After all, when i buy WoD and hit level 100 here in a month, i imagine i’ll be able to stomp any cheap lamers who are stuck in pandaland at level 90. If you play rust and refuse to toss in 5 dollars every few months to keep your character current, how much does your opinion matter?

OK, here are the nitty gritties: if a server is launched from an account that never purchased an item pack with [purple polk-a-dot suspenders]… there will be no [purple polk-a-dot suspenders] on it, crafted or spawned. if you load onto a shitty server like this, you wont be able to craft [purple polk-a-dot suspenders] no matter how many recipe cards you bought. If a server is launched from an account that DID purchase an item pack with [purple polk-a-dot suspenders], then they can be crafted on that server by anyone who purchased the corresponding addon pack. Furthermore, the GM of the server can spawn [purple polk-a-dot suspenders] to their hearts delight, just as they would anything else. They can give them to anybody. anybody in game can give them to anybody, regardless of account status. you didnt have the 5 bux to buy the [purple polk-a-dot suspenders] addon pack? have your friend who isn’t a worthless POS make you a pair and trade for them. EZ

I would support something like this absolutely.