I currently do not have access to this game but I have watched people play it and I was wondering about blueprints. I seen a streamer pick up the M4 Blueprint (I think, it was last night) and I was wondering if, when learned, do blueprints stay a part of your character and are lost upon death or are they always learned for future characters?



They stay on your character.

How does one “learn” blueprints, is my question?

Try the wiki

You right click, and “Study” the blueprint.

In my opinion blueprints should be unstudied when you die. This would encourage trading because people would be less likely to have a blueprint and more likely to trade with somebody who does and can manufacture a certain item.

think that would be to much of a set back when dying, there are very many blueprints.

takes a while to farm em all, and often hunted or killed by other players when out.

so no i dont agree with that.

It would get too monotonous. Besides, there’s not telling whether or not he actually can manufacture an item. There’s not enough trust for that to work.