Why have these in? When the character dies he should be dead along with all the knowledge he has accumulated in that run. The research bench or station… or what ever it is, Is how it should be done.

For example.

You find a M4 through a supply drop, bonus if you can make it back,to your research then you can learn the recipe on how to make the weapon. Awesome make some and stockpile it because once your dead that’s it.
Your new character just has his Rock, bandages and torch and his will to survive.Unless he makes it back to base and picks up one of the M4’s that the previous character made.

In a short sweet sentence.

Its too easy to have that kind of knowledge.

On everything else 9/10 I would give you a 10 but the blueprint system is just too overpowering. When you first by a game you don’t want an unfair advantage just because your new.

Oh i’m new and im Called Mrblonde xD

I agree that right now BPs make things pretty easy once you get a start…
But I don’t think it will be as much of an issue when there are so many more things to research. Plus, I think the BPs tend to be more common than they will be later on.
I assume they’re extra common because if people can’t find them then they can’t test them.

Blue prints, less common, research kits, less common. More items. I like the idea of some for of research station but server wipes (player data stays) would be like being a complete restart. Not interested.

But then it’s easy, Survival isn’t meant to be easier early game. I’m not talking to everybody it’s not your cup of tea fair enough. Just make a server with that kind of game play and it will be amazing.

When i have an M4 i want to feel privilege to wield it, not be all like " Yeah ill rush in here and kill them if i die it doesn’t matter i can make more". Please someone out there make a HARDCORE server.

One of the servers I was looking at trying modded in their own delayed research system prior to Rust actually doing it.

They made it so even after you learn an item through a research kit of blue print you still required the blue prints to build it. This also lowered the drop rates on higher tech blue prints and research kits to slow it down a little and make it more bow n arrow, revolver, cloth/leather fights type of deal.

If the server I’m currently playing on tanks I think I might check it out. If anyone wants the address I can dig it up when I get home as I have it book marked.

Yeah but once you have the drop do you have it for good while your on that server, because if that’s true. Then no still not good enough.

I’m not sure as to what you mean? Once you learn the item you can see it in your crafting section, however to craft say a M4 it would require 24 low quality metal + M4 Blue print. Which is consumed everytime you make one. This makes the higher tech weapons harder to craft/acquire and when you loose them it stings that much more. Its not impossible, it just slows down the distribution of them and with durability in now that also helps the cause.

Essentially you just see more people running around in leather/cloth with revolvers / p250’s instead of full kev, m4’s and bolts

You are right, I have pointed out before that the knowledge is power and in this game it is too easy to obtain. I like this cause it makes the game harder and more realistic.

But if you forget everything everytime you die people will be hidden like shit in their wooden houses (no one will know how to make metal houses) so afraid to go out…

Im gonna post back my ideas about knowledge in the game in addition to your proposition:
-Make paper useful, if a player knows how to craft something he can print himself the blueprint of his knowledge in a paper. In this scenario two things can fit:

  • -No researcher kits at all, so the only way to obtain knowledge is from other people. New knowledge should come from blueprints that can be found in rad towns (ruins of the old civilization).
  • -Partially uneffective researcher kits, they will have a rate of succes of 20% and the researched item will break (imagine a caveman trying to learn how to make a pistol from an already made one, it is hard to imagine then that he is gonna know how to make a new one the next second).

I like more the first one, researcher kits are an odd item and being dropped by animals makes no sense.

I’m sorry i scanned through post and i didn’t click till now, Apologies. Now on topic having the blueprint to craft it is cool. but you would need 2 on your first find because you haven’t learned it yet.

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It’s a survival game it should be hard. and that’s true about the metal constructions just be grateful you made it, that far to build a metal house. survivalist cherish things, not take them for granted.