So many of you have found a very large number of blueprint’s from the same glove to large first-aid kit . And most of you are doing ( thrown to the ground / sell / give to a friend ) let us turn to the point. What if unnecessary blueprint’s to disassemble into small fragments? For example unnecessary blueprint AK- 47 will be released in the amount of 600-1000 small fragments plus or minus the interest on the discretion of the developer. If someone has discussed a similar topic that I beg your pardon. [P/S] sorry for my english (google translate)

This is a mod. “Tear it up”. I do not think it will be implemented in vanilla rust.

I think that everything should be able to “disassemble” into it’s composite material, including BP’s. Find a burlap shirt when you already have one? Bam, 30x cloth for your sleeping bag. etc.

Totaly agree but I also feel that there is many more important issues to resolve before implementing more stuff. Who knows what facepunch will do they seem to have a maverick attitude 2 the way they work, long may it continue!

I’m absolutle agree with you man:D it’s will be very usefull!

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Yes, it is possible to carry to the little things. But anyway thx for supporting:)

I made a plugin called Salvager, which I later integrated in another plugin I made called Moegix Box. This plugin allows you to recycle items back to a % of their materials and it’s pretty nice.

The reason I mention this is that I tested BP recycling with this plugin and quickly removed it because it was highly prone to exploits. The TearItUp plugin had the same issue on release, I don’t know if the author addressed this in subsequent versions.

The main issue is that a lot of items have a rarity that is pretty high, but an item cost that is very low. Bullets for example are high on the rare scale, in the 500-1000 fragment range, but they cost next to nothing to make so my players would craft stacks of bullets and just throw them at research tables to make tons of BP’s and then recycle these BP’s and easily get stacks of libraries in a short amount of time for almost no cost.

Of course this could be addressed in a number of ways, but overall, it’s a dangerous process because you are basically allowing players to convert almost any resource to BP fragments… Got a full crate of metal frags you have no use for it? Make barricades, research them and convert them to BP fragments… same with stone… wood… leather… etc.

In my opinion blueprints should be drops only, the research table should have you learn the BP straight into your character instead of producing an item you can use. This would cancel this problem.

i always wonder how people get these smart ideas? thats pretty smart!