Blue's Family Share Blocker.

Blue’s Family Share Blocker

A simple extension to Garry’s Mod to help server owner prevent banned users from rejoining by creating new steam accounts and family sharing.

So some community was having an issue with a player that kept joining back on new accounts by creating one and then family sharing with his main. Thus having many accounts which makes it difficult to stop banned players joining your server.
Im not sure if something like this already exists but here it is anyway.

Please note that this is likely not perfect so if you do have an issue then report back to me


  • Can stop anyone using a family shared account from joining your server.
  • Will kick any players who are shared with a banned account.
  • Will auto ban the owner of a shared account if that account is banned (in turn banning all other shared accounts linked to the owner)

This is extremely useful since there are a lot of people avoiding their ban with a lot of alt accounts they have. There is also a community that has like yours, but they never released it, yet they banned over 200 people with it.

alt cycling is pretty fun though, I’ve made several kidmins rage uncontrollably and ban half their players on suspicion of them being me :v:

i like :joy:

This kills families 10/10

Nah, It wont affect people unless one is banned. Or you have the option to kick people family sharing regardless of the owning account.

I made a request to fix a few spelling mistakes that made me uncomfortable. :stuck_out_tongue:

As long as there are measures in place to prevent uneducated staff members from banning innocent players that are using Family Share as intended, then it has my full support.

Well it wont even tell you if someone is family sharing or not. They will be just like a normal player to everyone else. Its only if they get banned does it take effect.

This is an extremely useful addon. Thanks

Your welcome.