Bluescreen crash !!

Me yesterday , While i was playing I got the bluescreen 2 times in a row , saying dump memory … after the first time i got back in the game walk 5 steps and then bluescreen again , i run a memory diagnosis and it says that everything was fine !! … :frowning: dont know what to do !! Ill retry rust tonight to see if its doing it again !! i must not be alone that this happen , I have a good computer and it never did that , it was the first time ever !!

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Just for info here are my specs : Asus motherboard, Intel i7(2600) 3.4ghz, 8gb Ram, Nividia Geeforce 1gb, 1TB hard drive and Win 7 , and never really had any issues with my pc with any other games… just saying !!

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I run 30-40 fps in average !! in Normal settings !!

Nividia Geeforce 1gb does tell us what Nvidia GeForce GPU your using. It only tells us the brand and GDDR# capacity. A model ID such as GTX 750Ti or GT 610 or something along those lines would be more useful.