Bluescreen shows up when I try to joining to server

Hey guys I’m new at rust. I have one desktop computer where windows running and a macbook air. I installed rust on both of them. I can play on macbook without any trouble (however I have some performance issue) but I couldn’t play on my desktop computer even single time! I just reset my pc, reinstalled windows, steam and rust. I open steam, click the “play rust” button then “join the server” button. Some files loading “mountains”, “roads”, “bushes” etc. Then it appears an error message and bluescreen after the error message. Do you guys have any suggestion to fix that problem? Sorry about my english lvl, I might wrote some words wrong but I hope you get the point. Thanks.

We will need your system specs for the desktop to be able to determine what the issue is.

What CPU do you have, what graphics card, how much ram, what operative system, etc.

Windows 7 Home Premium 32 bit

CPU: Intel Core2 Quad Q8299 2.33 Ghz
Graphic Card: Nvidia GeForce GTS 450 2400 MB

Here is what error do I get:

You shouldn’t be blue-screening, but your machine does not meet the minimum specs. 4GB and 32bit Windows are insufficient.

Are your graphics drivers up to date?

Open the latest crash folder in the Rust folder in Steam (the one listed in the error message) and post the contents of the error log and output log to and then link them here.

yes, my graphics drivers are up to date. somehow I’m not bluescreening anymore but still can’t get in the game. I recently figured out that errors always show up when it comes to loading “Terrain Mesh”.

error pestabin link >
output_log pestabin link >
there is another file, named “crash.dmp” in the same error file, do you need it too?

I don’t need the dump file, thanks. The logs have everything I need to tell you the problem:

The BSoDs seem to have been an EAC issue that the EAC guys fixed quickly. Your machine doesn’t meet the minimum specs and that’s why it’s crashing now, sorry. Your CPU was released seven and a half years ago (so if it did run it’d probably run somewhat poorly), and you don’t have enough RAM - this is specifically what Rust is crashing on. Even if you’re able to put 8GB of RAM into your machine instead of the 4GB currently installed, you’ll need to install a 64bit version of Windows, since 32bit Windows 7 can only see up to 4GB. (32bit math can’t count higher than 4 billion or so)

I’m sorry to say but your computer is too old for Rust and other new games. I would consider looking at a new machine, as expensive as they can be.

Ok, I’m gonna change the parts you mentioned. Thank you a lot.

Well, your video card isn’t really worth much for playing Rust either. A whole new set of parts would be the best, depending on what you can afford. The whole computer is just too old for new games. Nothing wrong with it, it’s just outdated.

Hey, I have some news. I recently bought 4 GB DDR2 Ram (2x2). Now I have 8 GB Ram. Even adding an extra ram doesn’t help to start the game. Anyway, I figured out that my graphic card supports directx 11. So I installed it, now I can play rust in “fastest mode”. The graphic quality is poor, I know. But at least it started.

Anyway, I just wanted to let you and people who has the same issue, know what just happened then. Thanks again for your help.