Blunt Weapons and Sling Shots

What if blunt weapons were added so you could knock people out rather than kill them? Can still steal their stuff, but maybe they get knocked out for 30 seconds or a minute and you can drag them, handcuff them, stuff like that. Start with the plans for blunt weapons rather than hatchets to add more progression. Maybe this as an example progression:

  1. Wood Stick
  2. Rock (that you have to craft)
  3. Wood Club\
  4. Sharpened stick (think spear)
  5. Shield
  6. Sling Shot (With stones as ammo)
    Workbench required for anything below
  7. Large Hammer (Wood with stone on end)
  8. Stone Hatchet
  9. Hunting Bow
  10. Flail (Wood with cloth string and rock on the end)
    Advanced workbench here to work with metal maybe?
  11. Hatchet
  12. Sword
  13. Crossbow

Then could get into guns and whatnot? Thoughts?

One word - ballistae.

That could be a good “mounted” weapon for our houses maybe? Make it so it has to be attached to a ceiling?

you read my mind xD