Blunting the Banzai charge

Horribly rigged Japanese models galore. I tried my best to hide most of their inadequacies.


silly japans, they still think they are samurais

Are those Marines’ bone structure like the DOD:S guys?

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Or not?

You’re probably thinking of the .phys, I would assume Jim replaced it with a flexible one.

Are those the in-game muzzle flashes? Looks good. I found it impossible to pose those Japanese soldiers.

Ah, I see.

looks kinda stiff and that dutch angle isnt doing anything for me.

I’ve always tried to find pics with WW2 and GMod. Most I found was some DDay ones. This is pretty good with what I’ve seen so far. :v:

You should have angled these palm trees, it would’ve looked like they’re on a slope/hill.

I see some fingerposing issues.

Sky could be a bit brighter.

Good picture tough.

If it’s the Marines, it’s nothing I haven’t done before. If it’s the Japs…they’re not fingerposable. At all. They’re actually shitty models, stiff as fuck and horribly rigged to boot.

limited rigging on the Japs perhaps? Otherwise if it’s the Marines, I’m not sure how so. They’re not made of jell-o, they’re Marines. ( :v: )

Where did you get those japan models? Link?

From this link^

.phy replacing don’t work on the Jap Models because of this weird glitch what happens with there waist. If someone could fix that however…

It looks like somthing that came out of “The Pacific”! Great work!