Blur MOTD - "Pretty Much Blurred"

Easy to Use
Very Configurable
Sleek animations
Chat Command
DarkRP Cash Support
Pointshop 1 Support
Pointshop 2 Support

Unzip “Blur MOTD”.
Inside you should find the blurmotd
Drag and Drop blurmotdinto your addons directory.

I am more than happy to help with anything from installation to a new design. You can add me on steam for help.
If you are needing help with script errors or other kinds of errors, please add me on steam.

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Preview #1

Preview #2

Not gonna use this but nice job, better than some on scriptfodder too

Awesome work!

I don’t know why I can’t rate (maybe post limit?) but if I could, I’d rate this Winner or something equivalent. :slight_smile:

Can you upload to github? Something on my PC hates mediafire and blocks the whole page. Plus it’ll be easier to see the source for everyone and help commit changes if needed.

That X…

Make it fucking square and dont center it in the top?

No reason for you to flame at him.

Looks good, thank you for releasing this for free!

I like the style and at least it doesn’t have a price tag, thanks for giving us tools to grow our servers!

Quick feedback, you forgot to declare ‘ply’ at line 294 and 303 in cc_clmotd.lua :slight_smile:

Also, if you want, for Pointshop2 you might want to add PS2_Wallet.premiumPoints too

You are right, my bad.

I assume this is intentional but I would remove this padding[/t] [t]