What is it? The sims?

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why is everyone whining that they made a censor on a penis and even when it still is an optimial command in the console to activate that tiny penis?

Because today’s society is over protected, a fairy tale. Showing nudity is as taboo like if a muslim women to take her veil off. I know, it’s stupid.

I guess valve/steam has guidelines that FP have to follow.

But who cares if there is a censor? do you like to watch the penises or is it the blur that is annoying?

I like to watch penises.

You can’t please everyone. No matter how small the penis is.

I don’t get it,first y’all wanted censorship and now your complaining about the blur?

No matter what they do, not everyone will be pleased lol.

Im complaining about the blur,not censorship,beacuse i know that 10 years old kid dont want to have dicks.
The blur look a lot like sims type blur,it cracks me up

That is the best thing I read all day, I choked on my ginger ale reading that.

I like this update :smiley:

I know why they censored the penis, It’s because they are making a giganto penis, Who wants to see a small penis really, If a girl played this game in the past and saw a naked guy running around with a small penis, She would abandon the game :stuck_out_tongue: