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Dominion is a gamemode based on capturing areas and deathmatch, but features an in-depth weapon and armor system as well as a leveling system.
The biggest part of this gamemode is the gangs, which players can form on their own to share the wealth while having greater firepower.

You can read more info about the gamemode in the guide here:


About BluShell Gaming
BluShell Gaming is a community made by the former staff of two of the more popular Gmod communities back in the day, Darkland Servers and Bolt Action Walrus, and the once-great Minecraft community, Sogotopia.
We do not exist to oppose the former, but instead of provide entertainment in a chill environment.
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If you find any bugs or have any suggestions, feel free to post them on forums at ‘’.

Looks pretty fun. Reminds me of Unreal Tournament 2000.

Well I don’t think advertising servers here is against the rules as I’ve done it befeore. However, I removed the donation part.

Nope, it’s a custom gamemode he seems to have worked on and it’s perfectly fine for him to display it on the gamemodes section, whether it’s private or not.

Either way, looks neat. I’m trying to join right now.

It doesn’t work like that right now, but I’d love to see a subforum in this section that private gamemodes and addons go in so it’s easy to find stuff that you can host yourself.

Looks pretty awesome, I’ll join tomorrow and see how it is.

Checking this out right now, looks pretty fun.


The music you use in this is amazing. Did you compose it yourself?

Looks nice, well done!

afaik Development has been halted until they’re interested in it again.

Would love to try this but no one is ever on the server.

I apologize everyone for the lack of attention BluShell is paying to this gamemode. I’m not sure what is going to happen in the future for Dominion, but for now the gamemode is no longer being worked on.

Coburn and I were the only developers working on the gamemode. We had no idea what we were getting into really, so we sort of rushed the gamemode. There were huge balance issues and since there wasn’t really much to the gamemode besides capping and killing and trying to get better weapons/armors, the gamemode got pretty boring after about a week of playing.

In addition to being the only coder for the gamemode, I was also the only person managing the community and handling balancing. Like I said before, we had no idea what we were getting into and it was a giant and unexpected load on me that I couldn’t handle since I thought coding would be my only job.

We managed to get tons and tons of players during the first two weeks, which was amazing. Many of them believed the gamemode would be quite successful and I feel bad for crushing their expectations. This is also sad for me to see the gamemode that I have spent countless hours on to be dead within three weeks.

tl;dr Gamemode is no longer being worked on, it’s too much work for two developers, there were high hopes when it was first opened to the public

I’d also like to point out that BluShell is currently looking for developers. If you’re interested in working on Dominion or the other gamemodes that BluShell has planned behind the scenes, feel free to make an application here:
Also, BluShell has a Puzzles server that is somewhat popular. The IP for this server is ‘

Nope. I got the music from SoundCloud artists.

hello my name is Refirser and live in korea can you give me a dominion mod?
i want to open the dominion server in korea because we are join your server high ping