BluShell Puzzles


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Latest Changelog:
January 1st, 2014
Re-enabled Map 7!
Moved all the maps to the Steam Workshop! (

Fixed bug where some players sometimes wouldn’t get points when a puzzle is completed.
Fixed bug where players (usally VIPs) would get a fraction of a point.
Fixed bug where players would be given an extra set of hands.
Fixed bug where a player’s hands would sometimes be an error.
Fixed bug where brand new players wouldn’t have their playermodels properly set.
Fixed bug where if a player is ignited and killed, an invisible person can be seen on fire.
Fixed bug where water would not extinguish a player on fire.
Fixed bug where a player’s name tag would still be drawn after they are dead.
Fixed bug where a random empty notifications would appear.
Fixed bug in Map 10 Puzzle 3 where players would not receive an RPG.
Fixed bug in Map 10 Puzzle 6 where players would not receive an RPG.
Fixed bug in Map 10 Puzzle 9 where the floating platform would be invisible.
Fixed bug in Map 13 Puzzle 12 where players couldn’t finish the puzzle due to airboat hitboxes being too big.
Fixed bug where players would be spammed with Lua errors when trying to go into third-person in a crane.
Fixed a large amount of location errors.

Added notifications that let all the players on the server know when there is 1 hour/30 minutes/10 minutes/5 minutes/1 minutes left before map change.
Added a tag in chatbox before a player’s name when their location.
Added ‘Q’ button to let players quickly switch to their previously used weapon (Quickswitch).
Added a lot more weapon restrictions.
Added an announcement in chat for when a brand new player has joined the server.
Added an announcement in chat if a player is kicked for being AFK.

Removed anything that grants players 50 points or less to prevent point farming.
Enabled the fly boost for Map 10, 11, 13, and 14.
VIP votes for map now count as 2 votes instead of 1.
AFK kick delay has been increased. Non-VIPs: 15 minutes (old: 10 minutes)| VIPs: 30 minutes (old: 20 minutes)
Removed team chat.
‘cl_playermodel’ is no longer used. (Puzzles no longer set your playermodel for other servers.)
Reorganized the gamemode files into a modular system so other developers can make changes easier.
Reworked MySQL functions to be more efficient. (Less lag)

BluShell Puzzles is a Garry’s Mod gamemode based on the js_build_puzzle Half-Life 2: Deathmatch maps made by DST Studios (

Every map has 8-13 puzzles on it. When a puzzle is finished, every player in the server gets a certain amount of points.

BluShell Puzzles has many features that most other js_build_puzzle servers do not offer, including the following:
-Updated maps for improved Gmod compatibility and grief prevention
-A location system so you can see what puzzle every player is doing
-A nicer yet simple UI, and a stat saving system.
-In addition to the stat saving system, points can be gained for completing a puzzle and used to buy numerous cosmetics such as hats and playermodels


The BluShell Store
Players can spend their hard-earned points in the BluShell Store. (Press F3)
The BluShell Store sells a number of cosmetic items, which can be used on some other BluShell Gmod server (At the moment, Puzzles is the only one). Currently, the only cosmetics available are hats, trails, and player models.
Alternatively, you can buy Puzzle only items such as the ability to fly in the lobby.

About BluShell Gaming
BluShell Gaming is a community made by the former staff of two of the more popular Gmod communities back in the day, Darkland Servers and Bolt Action Walrus, and the once-great Minecraft community, Sogotopia.
We do not exist to oppose the former, but instead of provide entertainment in a chill environment.
BluShell’s website:
BluShell’s forums:
BluShell’s Steam Group:


  1. No Spamming.
  2. Respect all players! No flaming, be nice!
  3. No Glitching/Exploiting. Crashing the server is included in this.
  4. No Hacking in any way, shape, or form.
  5. No Griefing. You’re all on the same team!
  6. Common Sense. If it seems like it’s wrong, don’t do it.

Is someone breaking the rules? Tell an admin. Don’t forget to record what they’re doing just in case.
Report rule breakers or appeal a ban on the forums.

See the banlist at

[t][/t] [t]

Donation Info
Donations are needed in order to keep the servers up and running. Donating isn’t mandatory, but we’d really appreciate it.

In addition to being awesome, donating at least $10 will give you the following perks:
-VIP status
-A neat glow around your player
-A 25% boost to your point gain
-Respawn delay halved
-AFK kick delay doubled
-Votes for maps count as 2 votes
-Access to VIP only items in the BluShell Store

Donate at

You need have joined the server at least once to donate for perks.

Type ‘/timeleft’ in chat to see the amount of time left before the map changes.

If you find any bugs or have any suggestions, feel free to post them on forums at ‘’.

I must say, the gamemode looks interesting.

Yeah, our peak for concurrent players was 16 today. We currently have more than 100 unique players in the database and it’s just the first day! I don’t know what you would consider to be a lot, but I’m certainly proud of those numbers.

Unfortunately the server crashed just an hour ago and the ones that have box access are currently sleeping right now. Feel free to keep the IP saved somewhere because it’ll be up first thing tomorrow.

I thought it was a public release until I saw the store :*(

We may release the gamemode to the public sometime in the near future. There are currently no plans of it though since this is our first and only Gmod server and gamemode and we still need to finish it haha

You mention that you give VIP players a unique glow, and the screenshots show multiple glow colors. This surely isn’t being done with the halo library, right? Having 12 unique glow colors at once, even not on screen, severely harms FPS.

Yes, we are doing this with halos, and there are only two glows: a purple one for VIPS and an orange one for developers. We said a neat glow, not a unique glow. I didn’t think that adding a bit of pizazz to that would cause confusions haha

I’m not sure if people were having FPS issues over that though. As far as I know, there wasn’t any FPS issues besides with the scoreboard or BluShell Store open. I’ll be sure to keep a heads up about this though, thanks!

[editline]21st February 2013[/editline]

I just updated the server. The updates will be live whenever someone wants to boot up the server.

Here’s the changelog:
February 21st, 2013
Fixed and readded the chat bubbles for when a player voice chats. (They were removed in a hotfix yesterday)
When a player uses voice chat, their location will also show on the voice chat panel thing on the right. (It looks kind of awkward now. I’ll look into it later)
Fixed the bug where Lua errors are constantly spammed when a player leaves the server with their chat bubble out.
Otimized the scoreboard a bit.
Reduced the prices for the store.
Reworked the Gravity Gun respawning script.
Fixed new players being unable to open the BluShell Store.
Added additional adverts.

Looks awesome, I’ll have to join and try it out.

The server is back up! Sorry about the 15 hour downtime. It will not happen again.

Funbags, not sure how you used the halo library, but if you just copied over garrys code, I believe there is a client convar in there in which players can turn off the halos. You may want to add an option somewhere to do that as like this Bletotum said, the FPS can plummet with halos. I’ve messed with them a bit and even having 1 halo up can drop your FPS by 30.
Feel free to contact me whenever as well if you have lua related questions.

A single halo could only harm your FPS if it had crazy settings. Only two colors the way he’s doing it is fine.

This code adds a slightly fuzzy white border around entities using stencils.
It does NOT work on players though, because ent:SetModelScale() is broken when used clientside on players.
This is much faster than the halos, but also slightly less visually interesting; every player could have a unique color without significant FPS loss, though.

–stencil work is done in postdrawopaquerenderables, where surface doesn’t work correctly
–workaround via 3D2D
local pos = LocalPlayer():EyePos()+LocalPlayer():EyeAngles():Forward()*10
local ang = LocalPlayer():EyeAngles()
ang = Angle(ang.p+90,ang.y,0)
for k, v in pairs(ents.FindByClass(“prop_physics”)) do
render.SetBlend(0) --don’t visually draw, just stencil
v:SetModelScale(1.0+math.Rand(0.01,0.013),0) --slightly fuzzy, looks better this way

Here’s what it looks like, minus the fuzzy and white part in the above code, with anything other than players:[/thumb]

Garry’s halos use stencils too, but with a bunch of filtering stuff to smooth it out that makes them slow. This code keeps me rocking 110 FPS with more customizability.

[editline]21st February 2013[/editline]

a bit of randomization to the alpha color of these borders could look nice too

[editline]21st February 2013[/editline]

You could make my code sample a bit better by using stenciling to remove the player’s real size from the stencil selection, again using setblend(0), before drawing the 3D2D coloring to the screen, and then not draw the player after (the player is drawn again at the end in the sample to appear over the color, but i’m suggesting to make the color only exist around the edge in the first place). It would still look the same, though, and the FPS difference is too small to be seen.

I think I will stick with halos for now. I don’t think we’re having any issues with it right now. If lag issues start to occur, I’ll be sure to check back with you guys. Thanks for the help!

Also a small update: VIP is no longer subscription based, and the price has been upped to $10. Also, VIPs get a 25% boost to their point gain.

All I can say is that from what I’m seeing here this looks like a really well done gamemode and server. I’m going to have to stop by and check it out sometime.

Do you guys mind if I bump this thread? Development has started back up again.

I released an update today:
June 17th, 2013
Converted the gamemode to the new BluShell base - Credits to SW
New loading screen - Credits to Cep
Changed the death log on the top right to show the location that a player has died
Changed the donation page in-game. It is nicer looking and makes it much easier to donate - Credits to Cep
Updated the info in the F1 Menu
Added a few more models to the playermodel packs: Burnt Zombie and Skeleton to the Zombie pack, Female Metro Cop to the Combine pack, Arctic Mossman and Chell from Portal 2 to the HL2 Main pack, all refugee models to the Citizen pack, and all medic models to the Rebel Pack.
Fixed the mixup with the Counter-Terrorist Pack and the Terrorist Pack
Fixed the Gman player model
Fixed viewmodel hands being invisible
Fixed death by drowning not having the death logged
Fixed bug in Map 1 Puzzle 1 where the second box spawner would spawn a strange, unbreakable box
Admins can now physgun players
Removed 2 moderators and added 2 new ones: Kush and Ditto. Congratulations!

Isn’t this section for actually releasing gamemodes/addons?

Not server advertisement?

Not only did this thread exist before the new GMod forum setup, and was thus put/left in this forum for a reason, but it entails a gamemode currently in private development for a possible future public release.


There are many examples in this forum of WIP gamemodes that will be privately hosted. Surprising that you would make such a statement in a thread with an actual possible release.

In other news:

  • We’ve recently been in touch with the map creators, DST, and are looking to add more of their Puzzles maps in the near future.
  • Fixed the Hat preview not showing correctly for all resolutions in the shop.
  • Added a complimentary (free) hat for all players for the next week.

TBH you would be safer with a new thread, the only bit that isn’t advertising is the small middle section. At the same time I would imagine it would be considered taking advantage if you never actually did release it.

I love the design. Nice to see something unique here for once, as well. I’ll be checking this out ASAP!

I don’t often venture out of the RP areas… :expressionless:


Well as far as I know there is no rule against server advertisement in this section. I know Facepunch unofficially has a forum already for server advertisement, but as Cep said I made this thread a long time ago when this section was filled with server advertisement. We may just post in that other forum also because we’d probably have better luck with getting new players.

Looks pretty nice, I checked it out back when I was running a puzzle server. There’s a few things I dislike about your gamemode, compared to the one I was running.

I don’t like how it has a timelimit on the map, how it auto changes after 2 hours or what ever it was. I’d much rather it if you added a “vote to skip puzzle #x”, where users can create a vote to skip any puzzle in the map, just means they wont score any points for that puzzle, and it means users can actually finish a map, even if they get stuck on one stupidly hard puzzle.

I found that once people have played all the maps, they’ve usually had enough…

Not sure if you’ve ever heard of it, but I used to play a mod called Synergy. It has some interesting maps such as syn_trials4, you should look into adding that into your server, it’s much like these maps except the puzzles are called ‘trials’ and they have to be completed in order. I was able to port the first 3 to gmod (custom entities etc), and would be willing to share my code (it’s pretty dodgy because it was one of the first things I wrote in LUA)

Another feature I really enjoyed on my server (couldn’t see any mention of it here), was save states, players could save their state (guns, ammo, position, velocity, etc), and load it at any time, which made those stupidly hard puzzles much easier, and meant players could take more risks etc

Another thing that I had that would be cool to add, vote TP to people, where people can ask to TP to a player, and that player can say “yes” or “no”, if the player says yes, you then load that players state (weapons, ammo, position, velocity, etc)…

Another map suggestion, on my server, the MOST POPULAR map was syn_towerclimb, a map where players worked as a team to climb a 50 floor tower, with puzzles on each floor, people loved it, and I was working on a randomly generating version of this, which partially works at this stage, but I never finished it :frowning:

tr; dr
Nice server, add vote skipping for puzzles, add syn_trials4, add syn_towerclimb