BLUtarch and REDmond Mann

I’m surprised no one has made models of them yet.

Yes, Blutarch and Redmond. Twin brothers, and enemies. Sons of Zepheniah Mann. When their father died, they were given one piece of land to share. Of course their father did this to punish them as he knew they would fight over it as they were never good with sharing. He thought it would be a simple fight, but no. They each hired 9 of the best mercenaries they could find, each to set out to kill the other brother. They both made their own companies on the land. BLU and RED. Years and years went by, and they could not assassinate each other. The mercenaries just killed the other mercenaries. Blutarch had an Engineer build a life-extending machine, but was also talked into make Redmond one as well. Now, although they still have mercenaries after each other, they are simply trying to out live the other naturally.

A picture of Blutarch and Redmond at around age 40 or 50 as soon as they were given the land when their father died.

A picture of Blutarch at around age 200, present day. (Redmond should look the same, but with red clothing)

I’m surprised this hasn’t been made a model yet sense the Announcer, Miss Pauling, and the Director from the TF2 comics have been made models.

Here’s a link to the first comic that Blutarch and Redmond were seen in incase you want to know more about them:

Also, I found on gamebanana Blutarch and Redmond spy replacements, but they have the Spy’s head. You could use these and just headhack them with your own custom head to make them look like Blutarch and Redmond:

I would like the young models of Blutarch and Redmond, and 200 year old versions as well. (The 200 year old versions are optional) with skins including Red, Blu, and Ubercharge.

Maybe even make a model of their “Life Extending Machines” with skins of red and blu versions.

–EDIT: LOL I just found an old thread requesting the same models XD

well i support like my old post haha

The only real thing that would need to be done to that Gamebanana skin you posted is a re-skin of the Spy’s head so that the mask was pretty much gone and replaced with hair in certain locations on the .vtf itself. I could probably whip something up by the end of tomorrow at the earliest.

Same for the spy’s gloves.

Well it’s probably not the best, but here you go. It will only re-skin the default Spy though, I had issues with the ubercharged versions and abandoned that.


Shit…I knew I was forgetting something. >.<

No, I don’t have any pics right now. I meant to get them when I uploaded the skin, but I got caught up in a few matches. I’ll do what I can to get them, though you will have to wait. I have to reinstall TF2 because I decided to reformat my hard drive earlier today.


I still haven’t got any screenshots, I’ve kind of been doing overtime on other projects. So unless someone else wishes to take over on the screenshots, you’ll just have to install the skin and see for yourself. :confused:


Honestly, that’s a pretty disgusting skin. Like Radigan Conhager, Pauling, the Administrator, and the VIP, this is probably going to require a new model.