BMRF is hosting a broad range of events with giveaways and contests with rewards (including copies of rust)

Hey Facepunch!

We at BMRF are throwing a superweek event across all our own community gameservers, including Rust.

What this means is we’ll be throwing out steam keys to a ton of games over global chat on our servers, and on top of that there’s a best video contest running all week where you can win a gaming mouse, custom BMRF stuff and a copy of rust/dayz standalone.

If you’re interested here’s the link to the full announcement:

I’ll try and keep an eye on this thread too to answer any questions.

In case anyone is wondering, it’s Monday through Sunday this coming week.

Why so many dumb votes? ): We’re just trying to do something fun for the community. Do people not like free stuff?

maybe they dont like the video contest.

Event has started, a few game keys have gone out the door already.

Hundreds more to follow!

And of course the video contest where you can win a SteelSeries Kana and some other products. Requirement being that the video was made for the purpose of the contest.

I’m sure some of you are video editing kings.