BMRF Official Rust Server 1 & 2 - Top of the Line Hardware, Official Provider, DDoS Protection & More!

I’d like to make a post advertising the two BMRF.ME Rust servers that have been available since the earliest days of third-party Rust hosting. To give you a bit of broad information about our server, there’s a few different things that set it apart. For starters, we’re an approved provider for Rust, which means the server is hosted directly on our hardware. If something goes wrong, we fix it ourselves, and there’s no middleman involved in this. To add to this we also host on some of the highest spec server hardware available today, which are as follows:

Dual Intel Xeon E5-2690 @ 3.8GHZ (16 cores, 32 threads)
96GB DDR3 ECC Memory
Dual Intel SSDs
1 gigabit uplink with 40TB of bandwidth on the premium Internap network
Server is located in New York.

The benefits of this kind of hardware are very simple – the server will never lag because of the hardware. If a patch is released that doubles or triples CPU usage, it won’t matter. A single full rust server uses literally 2% of what this machine is capable of hosting. We were also the only host to successfully filter out the uLink DoS attacks, and have filtering for many types of other attacks to a greater extent than most other hosts. Since we’re an official provider, we also offer Rust server hosting through our hosting website, – but do note that we take on a limited customer base as we are more of a specialty host focused on high performance and direct, one-on-one support.

Now, some more information about BMRF Official Rust 1 and 2:

BMRF Official Rust 1 is available at net.connect
BMRF Official Rust 2 is available at net.connect

Rust 1 is our public server and features very standard settings. Sleepers and PvP are on, and the only modifications done to this server is the Rust++ chat modification. We’ve also expanded it with some additional logging features. Both servers will restart at 5AM EST and attempt to apply any Steam updates. We also have the ability to update our servers via our IRC channel, so they tend to stay very up-to-date.

Rust 2 is our semi-private server, anybody who is in the will be able to join, else they are kicked. It will also kick anybody who has a VAC ban from the server immediately. It features the Rust++ chat modification as well and will be further expanded with more mods in the future, though we’d like to conserve the original Rust gameplay and focus on improvements most people will agree on – so don’t expect anything overly crazy.

Check out both of our servers and let us know what you think. You can provide feedback either in this thread or our IRC channel at #bmrf on Rizon. Our community website is and has a handy live chat function for IRC if you need to contact an admin or simply have questions.

BMRF is tops

BMRF are the only servers I frequent. Excellent community.

BMRF are super-nice guys who’ve been really supportive of Rust modding. I’m really excited about the inclusion of leather mods on both of their official servers! I was really jealous during the DDOS since their servers were usually up. :\

Sounds great! cannot wait to start playing - but I keep getting an error. Is server 2 full? I’ve joined the Steam group too.

Try now, we were patching the server so it was down for 5 minutes :slight_smile:

Sweet i’m in :slight_smile: is there any difference between that and server 1 right now? besides the population

Besides whitelist, no. It is going to be our main modded server in the future, server #1 will be restricted to more conservative mods that don’t change gameplay.

BMRF is the bees knees, no if and or buts

We try :^)

Door sharing has been implemented as of today.

Edit: Server is back up working.

Both servers now kick for illegal characters in your name. This will make hackers a lot easier to deal with.

BMRF give full ftp acces for modding like we want ?

Yes sir we do.

Hey there BMRFMULTIBEAR I have been sending you pms all day. Waiting for support to answer my ticket about the server I rent from you. Can I get some support? It has been over 3 days, im trying to upgrade the server and get a invoice to pay for the current server that expires soon. Thanks