BMRF Whitelisted 2 - [sleepers - on] [active moderation] [whitelisted] [80 slots]

Hello Facepunch forums. We here at BMRF Servers are proud to announce that we are the first group to launch a fully optimized and whitelisted network for the Rust gaming community. We were the first to do it with DayZ, and we’re doing it first again with Rust.

The BMRF whitelist collects your Steam information when you sign up at and register with your Steam account, or alternatively you can attach your steam account inside your existing forum profile. After that, you are set up permanently. We made vigorous attempts to make the process fully automated and easy to use for our players.

This whitelist privatizes the server and permits us to control and weed out unwanted or malicious users in the server – and it has worked fantastically for our DayZ servers. We know that it will have an immensely positive effect on the experience you will have as a whole.

The name of the server is [BMRF.ME] Whitelisted 2

PORT: 28030

A visual guide on whitelisting on our server can be found here.

We also have an unwhitelisted server available for people who are interested.

If you have any questions, please feel free to post in this thread.

NOTE: repost in the right forum because our admin skulbuny is a trasher.

This server bans people for being too good at the game.
Free Bchillz 2013!

He wasn’t banned for hacking if that’s what you think, but he refused to appeal his ban.

Alright server.

Billy Mays

Is it le down?

It’s up now, note that server 2 is packed to player limit and probably will be all night. But we have 2 whitelisted servers now.

BTW, your servers seem to be popular; why cap them at 80 players?