BMW M3 GTR - Files here

Hi, someone convert this baby to Gmod, here the pic

#Mirror 1

#Mirror 2

The file have 3,3 MB…

No credits for me.

Thanks in advice.


I will see what I can do.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Having trouble doing it. I suggest speaking to someone who is more skilled in 3DS max.

I might be able to do this, I’ll see if I can when I have time.


Anybody doing this i would like to see it in gmod

Hai, i liek b-bumps :slight_smile:

woah you modeled that car? if so that looks pretty awesome

No he didn’t model it. I presume it’s taken from NFS: Most Wanted. He also says no credit for me. So don’t think so.

Somebody get that vehicle done.
It is after all in one of the best NFS games.

Xmas bump.

I think i can provide the car engine sound.

That car is the fucking ICON of that game. It’s awesome beyond awesome.

Someone make this model. Now.


I’m still learning how to do props.

I figure I can release it here.