BMX in gmod screenshots

Some screenshots I took of a pose I made in Gmod. **Yes this is garrys mod ** + Photoshop lol

Watcha thinK?

i think you should consider anti-aliasing, and picking a map and or angle that doesnt have both repetitive textures, and missing glowing pink checkerboard ones

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and if thats a pose, please use a better model than something that was made in 2004

The editing is also pretty bad. And if you wanna edit, try using the in-game screen editors first.

I’m too lazy. for replacing map textures.

Ill make some better ones soon just for you.

if youre not even gonna bother handling criticism then dont end your posts with

yea yea ok I’ll try that.

I don’t see where he mentioned replacing the map’s textures.

What do you mean by *handle *criticism? I seriously meant that I was going to make new ones with a better model and map. :v:

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This is what I would do… > _>


you can just use higher graphics settings you know

woah wicked b@dAsS

I liked the colors in the second one. But you have to turn on anti aliasing though when you take pictures.


but yeah turn that anti-aliasing up
also dont just dupe the exact same model and pose for each picture if i was you

No shit dude, this can’t be Gmod :suicide:

[SP]It doesn’t looks good, at least try to hide the missing textures[/SP]

Sure thing. next set will be more quality. :happy: