BnT Clone Wars Roleplay

You’ve been waiting for it! Here it is, BnT Clone Wars Roleplay, fully compatible with all Nexus Bases, Enjoy

no-one cares


Who was waiting for this?

lol idk, Do Whatever you want the script sucks.

Thanks for leaking a script broken by gmod updates which is basically nexus with a few edited models and classes.
Also thanks for showing yourself as a liability for other communities you want to develop for aswell.

Hope you have a happy rage,

Thanks for just implying your Scripts are actually the test scripts modified in the Nexus Base, shows how much time and effort you took for this.

BTW guys the files are the things that matter, not the Nexus 3.1 Base, this would work with any base.


Lol I remember when I scripted for BnT. Fun times til they went gay. Minecraft ftw now!

Oh and OP, it is a pretty crappy script, just sayin.