Boat getting lowered into water from a trailer connected to a pickup

Scenebuild at gm_flatgrass_night and no edit.

Flatgrass angle:

you still got it :slight_smile:

Fuck, your work still manages to shock me about the detail.

Still a poor angle.

Poor angle, awesome build and lighting.

What are the props you use for skies from?

Yeah, shoddy angle as usual but also an amazing build as usual.

God damn it three people have beat me to what I wanted to say.

You are without a doubt the best scenebuilder here on fp

I do not agree Hairybastard:

And I agree with Haxxer.

Kalixx and Caste are both gods in scenebuilds.

I’d say Kalixx sits on Caste’s right side. Caste has done better while seemingly having less props in his disposal.

No offence, Kalixx.

The first thing I put down is the camera. So… the problem seems to be the build and not the angle :slight_smile:
Anyway, in this image where do you think the camera should be? I ask because perhaps I can design better builds next time.

There is no sky props. That just a material on a rectangle I made for night pictures.

Caste’s work -and yours by the way- are awesome.
but let’s not forget some facts:
-I do not use maps unlike Caste
-and I don’t edit pictures at all.

How about your mech picture without edit?

I do not say you shoudn’t do that or anything bad actually. I acknowledge that your’s Caste’s and many other’s works is far superior than mine.

It just seems wrong to compare ingame shots to edited ones. Especially to those which are based on maps.

In any case- no problem, peace :slight_smile:

Yes, I don’t like the amount of editing Caste used in his pictures, in that field you’re definitely better.

Also thanks for the info on how you did the sky.

And the camera could be a little bit lower in my opinion. Maybe. Can’t really put my finger on it.

Kalixx is still best in my perspective because he used my shitty laptop reskin.


Amazing how you did that.

Big whopp, as far as I can tell all he does is add stuff to a map… Tbh anyone can do that, heck I’ve done that.

Yeah he’s good, and it’s a good effort. However, it’s nothing kompared to kalixx, imo.

Isn’t scenebuilding and all posing/screenshot making technically just adding stuff to a map? :v:

Everyone to themselves, then

Thanks for your comments!