anyone have or know of any good boat models that are not covered in guns and shit, talking like a 13ft speed boat here

that looks a little longer than 13ft.

That one is a 17’

Hm. I could borrow some boats from GTA: San Andreas if you guys want me to. They definitely wouldn’t be drivable ingame though, unless you used them with that boat SENT that Fehic made.

Looks a lot bigger than 17 foot I’d say 25-30

Looks around 15m to me (no idea what that is in feet)

that looks like 50-60 foot to me

does it really matter how big it is hes just asking for a boat not exact measurements of a boat on a picture

Please, do so! :slight_smile:

Well alrighty then. GTA:SA has these boats, which ones do you want me to try?
List for reference, with thumbnail pictures
[li]Dinghy - A small, light, apparently inflatable boat.[/li][li]Marquis - A big yacht with a free-swiveling boom. Not sure if I can ragdoll the boom properly.[/li][li]Coastguard - Just a medium-sized boat with police decals.[/li][li]Predator - A moderately-sized police boat. It has invisible mounted machine guns on it in GTA:SA, and sirens.[/li][li]Reefer - A fishing boat. Kind of big. No moving parts. Has an attached radial life saver.[/li][li]Tropic - A big private cruise ship/family houseboat. Making hitboxes for this would be hell.[/li][li]Squalo - Pretty rare but generic speedboat. Medium-sized.[/li][li]Speeder - A small but long speedboat.[/li][li]Launch - A dark military-themed small boat with a minigun turret on the back, facing backwards.[/li][li]Jetmax - A pretty big speedboat. One of the more detailed boats.[/li][/ul]

Definitly the Marquis, the Jetmax, the launch and the predator!

If you could do all, it would be awesome ofc; but its up to you mate.

Got the Marquis’s and Jetmax’s materials sorted out in Max. I’ll try to compile these and the others during the week, but I can’t say for sure when I’ll be done with them.

Take your time mate, this aint my request but I’m really interested to see this done :stuck_out_tongue:

Could port the boat models from GTA4.

having speed boats in gmod would be awesome imo , like the new chopper vehicle :slight_smile:

its just a let down that there are so many car models for gmod but one boat model.

By using the people inside the boat as a reference, I’d like to confirm that this is a 91.5 foot boat.

Check the filename. It’s a Magnum 80 speedboat, named so because it’s 80 feet long.

well, what ever, i just hope small fry will pull thorugh

Hey mate, I was just wondering if you made any progress?