Eventually there will be a need for fresh water to cure thirst which means there will be lakes and rivers around the map. This means that boats have a potential to become a big thing in Rust. Boats could be used for faster travel, gathering water,mass fishing(with huge nets) and even raiding. They would only be simple row boats nothing to serious but you should be able to upgrade your boat like by putting a roof on or taller wall to stop bullets.

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happy enough with simple rafts as floating platforms that can be moved. larger and more well built boats as the high end tier. but i wouldnt expect much protection, and i wouldnt expect any motors on them. we are talking rowboats, not jetskis;) also their use depends on the dynamics of the map…if it generates with heaps of water bodies it makes sense and everyone will use them. if not, no one will use them.

  • no cold debuff from getting wet.(there was mention of a cold debuff related to swimming earlier in dev, cant remember where)
  • able to use torches in the middle of the lake(presuming torches extinguish in water)
  • faster surface movement in water
  • able to craft/fish/shoot etc from the boat
  • should take a decent amount of wood/planks to build
  • less subtle than swimming, potential target
  • no shielding, should be able to be shot when in the boat(unless prone, if it gets introduced)
  • maybe make the controls more sluggish. faster forward movement, but slower turning.

possibly the shielded version could be a higher tier, that moves slower, turns slower to compensate. but technically, you could always just allow placement in the boat like it was terrain, so boxes, spikes and wooden barricades could be used to buff it up instead of creating a “tank” boat as an extra tier;D

I think boats would be an awesome idea. Some players can have bases on land and others can live on a beefy boat. Adding cannons and what not… why the hell not??? :dance:
Lol did I take it to far?

I agree, boats please. :slight_smile:

Did you know there is an item editor for rust.
I added some of my own, one I added was an coracle (I believe it’s an old single man boat from england) it seems to fit in.

These can be carried on your back like a turtle, and with a cloth lid could be used as a backpack.

Or a reed boat

Item editor threads
Garry’s thread

Item thread

Item editor is used for rust experimental branch.

Ultimately this could mean server admin having unique items on there own servers, via steam workshop maybe ?

In my Oppinion there should be “Dangers in the water” who force you to build a boat

Like Sharks Piranha or something mutated :smiley:

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In my Oppinion there should be “Dangers in the water” who force you to build a boat

Like Sharks Piranha or something mutated :smiley:

with the Dev teams concept artwork favoring mutant plants.

giant killer kelp :slight_smile:

or micro enemies, skin and flesh eating microorganisms floating round in large clusters, a patch of dark fog in the water, surrounding, engulfing and finally devouring hapless or unobservant swimmers.

Giant Killer Kelp!!! attack xD

boat crafting, and then a Riverworld mod :slight_smile:

Boat crafting recipe concept: 10 planks 2 unrefined metal 5 paper.

could you build a mast and sail, and cross bodies of water using the wind?