Bob the Builder [Easy Building] Come Practice your base building here!

Server Hostname: Bob the Builder [Easy Building]
**Console command: ** net.connect
**Server location: ** US EAST

I went around the map placing large wood crates by the road full of Wood Planks and Low Quality Metal, for builders to grab.
Please be thoughtful and only grab some of what you going to need. It is a PVE server with sleepers OFF.
However be aware that zombies and wildlife as well as hunger will still kill you.

I am also often available at this teamspeak for Q&A and requests. Just poke SinMach1ne
TeamSpeak address:


thanks xD


How would you like your base to look like?

Don’t want to waste resources? Test it here!

Be nice if it wasnt getting grief, also just thought about it. If metal and wood structures are the same size you would need wood on this map.

Last time I was on no one was griefing, and why would you need wood if there ready to build planks

hey, i logged onto your server last night and didn’t see any boxes with planks. did you remove them?