Boba Fett holding up Yoda.

Boba: “I say, old bean…we’re in quite the kerfuffle aren’t we?”

I like the bowler hat!


and the top hat and monocle


Why does Yoda have a gun

Just go with it dude.

It’s the magic of the picture!

I love that ray gun he has.

space mobster


I was expecting him to literally hold him up, since he’s so small.

Then he should pull a string on his back.

This is great! Wait a minute, is that Ray Gun from what I think it’s from? Remind me of it’s origins. Isn’t it from that ‘Moon-Men’ comic?

Boba all the way.

Its so… AWESOME!
Gets blown away
Genuinely funny.

Pimp :v:
but yoda is too damn badass to own shitty guns

it’s got nice lighting and stuff like that like nice lighting