Boba Fett's Stargate Texture Updates

Here are my texture updates i made for the Stargate Mod in Gmod
There will be more Texture’s from me in the future but now there is:

Destiny DHD


New Texture Universe Gate

Universe Themed DHD

Better Textured Puddle Jumper

Supergate Better Textured

Railgun V1.6

Tollana Pack V2

Infinity DHD V2

DHD Pack

Gravity Controller

New Textured Kino

Texture’s @ SGU Ramp

Follow me on Fpsbanana:

Watch a short preview of what i did so far

Svn Texture Link:

A Space map I’m working on:

Some Addons I’m Texturing For:
Stargate Addon Pack :
Stargate Weapons:
SG-Models :
KINO Remote Device SWEP :
Stargate Universe Pack:
Carter’s Addon Pack:

Bit of a contradiction ain’t it?

What do you mean whit that ?

What’s up with this urge to make new textures for every peoples creations?

A better quality? To me these textures updates are awesome!
One thing that I wanted to ask you: do you ask to the original owner before re-texturing?

Most of the texture’s are plain or just suck ass, and i texture for personal use, but i decided to upload them, mag still better in weapon skinning.


Yea always, but if they answer thats something else.

I wouldn’t really care for you making textures and such, it’s nice. However,when you upload the textures. You include the creation/contraption etc. That is often not wise, considering updates, bug fixes etc.

Boba Fett is from Starwars, and you post SG textures.

So its just a name, and i just started whit gmod sgmod, normally i’m a weapon skinner for css and located on fpsbanana

I think you have done great, but please consider editing the chevrons and glyphs on the Destiny(SGU) gate to not glow at all. It wouldn’t take long, and it would allow for the addition of chevrons and glyphs that actually glow when dialed.

What do you mean exactly ?

Make it so all of the white, “Lit” areas are not lit. So it will look like it isn’t dialed.

The model he uses is made in Hammer using the Propper tool. He’ll have to ask the original author (Flyboi I think) to edit it, or if he can be given the .vmf for that.

And on a different note: Awesome work with those retextures, I love them and I use them all :razz:

mah we just need a new model for the SGU gate, than it can be done proper whit the chevrons.

New SGU update:

You guys need to learn to read. I said texture, not model.

you don’t see the chevrons from the texture they are covered by the model

I made some updates for the ring teleporter:

nice. when will you realase it?

release what ?

The rings ? if you reeded the note’s from the yt video you will read that i won’t.