Boba vs. Vader

Vader kicks that mercenary’s ass any day


while brushing his teeth


with his mind

I remember a comic in which Vader and Boba Fett have a lightsaber fight in some cantina, looked pretty kick ass.

Nice, I’ve seen this painting too. The recreation could be better though. Posing looks decent.

I tryed to do replica, but Vader’s model is veeeery bad for posing.

Boba had a green lightsaber, if anyone wants to take a go at remaking it.

Actually, Boba and Vader DID fight once, but they were pretty evenly matched. It worked out that Fett had the upper hand at the end, but he decided against killing Vader since that would bring the entire Galactic Empire down on his head. If anyone’s interested, look up Boba Fett: Enemy of the Empire. It’s just 4 issues, but it’s got sweet art and it’s a cool look inside Fett’s life pre-Empire Strikes Back.


What a load of bullshit.

There’s a reason I only watch IV, V and VI and that’s because everything else that has come out of that franchise has completely shat all over the perfection that was in the original films.

My algebra teacher asked me “who was that guy in star wars with the floppy ears?” “Yoda?” “No, he had a long neck…” “uhh… Jar Jar?” “YES!” then three people around me were like “oh he’s my favorite, meesa jarjar binks!”
and then I said" but he doesn’t exist, the prequels don’t exist!" :smith: I only wish…


must keep fighting the good fight!

If it makes you feel any better, Vader was more interested in procuring the person that Fett was holding hostage than he was in actually killing Fett. But seriously, just limiting yourself to the original three movies and nothing else (though the newer three movies ARE garbage, I agree) is really doing a disservice to yourself. What about Splinter of the Mind’s Eye? The Dark Empire series…es? Knights of the Old Republic? I’d feel bad for you if I wasn’t laughing so hard.

Anyway, about the screenshot - solid posing, but the shadowing/shading looks very photoshopped, especially on Fett. Why would the middle part of his front leg be lit up but not the bottom when the bottom part of his back leg is lit up, that sort of thing. Nice work nonetheless.

Everything that has happened after Return of the Jedi did not happen. Period.

Palpatine clones and thus resurrects himself from the dead MULTIPLE TIMES? Genestealer ripoffs invade from some other galaxy and terminator ripoffs come to kill them? Luke falls to the Dark Side and gets back again and then shit happens and he dies after living like 120 years? Second Galactic Civil War? Darth Krayt and co.? Genestealer ripoffs bang a moon against a planet and thus kill Jolly Ol’ Chewie? Death Star lasers on Star Destroyers??? I mean, like, SERIOUSLY?

The only good thing about this whole New Republic shit is the huge Super Star Destroyers big enough to crush a city if they land.

Old Republic is p. cool though, and also fits in the canon and makes some sense.


Vader with only the force it’s enough to beat the shit out boba

shit i remembered this comic, been so long since i’ve seen it, same type of location and even pose. Great job. BTW anyone know what that comic was called? I don’t remember

Lightsaber looks really odd.

Well, we can take note, that new technologies was developing all this time, that Old Empire existed.

Boba Fett: Enemy of the Empire

Links for those ragdolls pretty please?

Atleast Boba will have a better death than in the movie. :colbert: