Bobobo-bo-BO-bobo i have been reading a lot of manga (Japanese comic books) and i really want a bobobo ragdoll over there is the wiki page

its a really weird comic book or manga as the japs say and you cant help but saying “what the fuck is this?” once of twice i also want don patch

and one of him in his wigout stance and the sword witch i cant find a picture of but is a green onion if you don’t believe me watch the series its all on youtube thanks

Who in the name of all that in sane in this world do THAT?!!! (no offense)

someone that is a comic book geek

Oh god i remember this show, it was hilarious.

It was a good show. Sadly, since CN budget-cuts they stopped Toonami and everyone has to rely on the internet. The humor was the best part…even though it can be WTF at times.


I think you missed a bo.

No, I’m pretty sure I have the minimum bobage requirements in that name

It can also be shortened to just BO.

And I’d like a Don Patch personally, I find him to fuel the show’s humour.

it can be just bobobo if you fancy it