Bobo's Serious City 8 Roleplay

Howdy… This is a server advertisement for the new communtiy, Bobo’s Serious City 8 Roleplay. I, myself am the Combine Commander (I didn’t ask for the job). I have noticed a rise in quality roleplay over the past couple days and I would like to extend my hand to others to come join in, and build a great community. We do need a couple more CPs, and a few qualified resistance members. (I’ll train the CPs myself, Kiley/Ghost [head admin] will train the resistance members.) We’re also looking for more Civil Workers Union members, and a couple citizens. All in all, we need just about everything. The server admin is also accepting donations. Contact nik6069 if you’d like to help out. I emplore you to come on, play for a little while and see how you like it! You can add me on steamfriends at sickjitz if you’d like to talk to me about the server.
The server uses the gamemode Kiwi, which is derived off of GCRP. Me and the others will do our best to accomodate all new players! My ingame name is C08.101892.Commander Ortiz.C08
Thanks for looking! If you have any questions or anything else, please just post in this thread or feel free to add/talk to me on steam friends.

Server info is below.

Cheers for writing this its very appealing and friendly after nori Deleted mine.

Why don’t people have the decentsy to think up their own names for factions, such as the CWU. I know it maybe a decal in the map, but do you have to pay attention to those little details? I’m one of the leaders of the CWU at TnB (Who the maps were made for remember) and it annoys me slightly to see other communities using the name, and in some cases degrading the name (Not saying it will in this case.)

Sorry for the small rant, and I wish you all luck with the community.

About the rant, I think the CWU was in Cakescript I mean its basic Hl2rp. But then again, I apologies if we took anything. And how much do you have to pay at TnB for CWU every month 10$ every month? Anyways we dont try to degrade it but I know what you mean ive seen DarkRp Servers with it.

What do you mean how much do I have to pay? It was a creation made by DaveBrown I believe about 2 years ago, and I just run it with a friend now. And it isn’t really basic Hl2RP, in the fact it was a faction created by one of our members, then everyone just jumped on the :bandwagon:.

How much was CWU? Like every month, also its a good faction im not denying its decent to have, because its more to work with I mean no insult

People should just stop trying to be the next big HL2 server completely. Its been done to death. Why can’t anyone think of some original Ideas? Atleast get the support of 10 people who are ready to spend most of there time helping the server. If you just wanna open a server out of nowhere, use an overdone theme with little to no originality, thats fine. Just dont expect it to get anywhere.

Its fun to live in fear :P, also I don’t think my server is generic because we are slightly run differently. And because we don’t use cake or tacoscript, e/n.

I don’t think he’s trying to be the next big thing…I think he just wants to have some dedicated roleplayers to RP with.


You think that TnB invented the CWU…? No…
I was on TnB back in March of 07. Rick Dark asked me to beta test. I was a squad leader for a good 8 months then left due to drama/them wanting me to pay.

CWu was invented by TnB in 2008 sometime, in order for a reason to encourage more Citizen RP. :expressionless:

Uhh…CWU is in raising the bar. No.

This server is sending out some Bad Vibes at the moment (Refering to the CCA Thread) I’ll check it out after all the commotion has gone down…