Bodies sometime not lootable.

There has been a couple of incidents where you kill someone and their body slides down a hill or something like that, and when this happens, the body becomes bugged in some way. You can’t slice it up or loot it at all.
Really annoys me when you kill someone geared and expect good loot, but you end up with lost ammo instead.

Think this is because the body slides away so much from the original area from where it got killed in the first place. Would love a fix of this. Making it so that all bodies are lootable, no matter where they land.

Happens a lot with animals as well. Looks like some kind of desync issue with ragdolls, it has happened a few times before where I couldn’t harvest a body but it was in a different location a friend’s screen and they were able to harvest it. It has happened with players as well, especially kill them while they are on a ladder or on a ledge causing them to fall out.

Probably a known issue, it has been around for a while.

If you can put up with the load times then relogging should fix it.

No, it happen because the apparent position is out of sync.

As admin the players call me often for this problem, I see the body in other position so I can loot when they can’t.

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Yeah it’s really annoying to lose players getting fed up of losing their stuff when they cant find their own corspe after dying.

If you really want the loot off someone/something, you can disconnect-reconnect and the body should be in sync.
It’s not a fix, but you can definitely loot afterwards.

This is an old problem that was fixed but is now reoccurring, usually happens when ragdolls spaz out (tec term).

I assume animal are on the agenda as they have multiple problems still. Most annoying one is been bitten from 10 yards away lol

Actually i posted this in wrong thread, though i think both problems are related.