Body Build and other suggestions

Hey dudez,ima show u my new idea of body build.
So , hunger bar should me cut into three parts - hunger part , feed part , and stuffed part.
Also there should be body build bar.
If you are low on food (hungry) a lot of time (everytime u get hungry your body bar slowly gets down) you get skinnier ( this should affect character model )
If u are stuffed,your bar increases and you are getting fat. Also by working you increase your muscle bar ( needs to be implemented too) and you get more muscular
It would affect gameplay ( muscular dudes less recoil,longer crafting beacuse of big fingers and skinny dudes fast running and faster crafting)
Also , besides that,my building decay idea:
Varying on the ground building is placed,it should decay (ie cover with moss,get holes,and when its decayed its also possible to broke it down) to prevent it you need to use repairing hammer ( this should consume the type of resource the thing is build from)

Thanks for reading,love you guys

What the hell are you smoking?

What the hell is this bad idea?

iirc, the decay feature will be added in later

When the title of the game is Rust it seems logical that it would be. It wouldn’t mind it, it’ll keep players on their toes.

Decay idea is kind of good.

Other ideas are kind of bad, however.

Muscle working idea looks like a bad idea… what do you need? a bench press in the forest?
But, the skinny and fat model is a great idea, but I do not think it should affect your crafting and such in a major way.

Why shouldn’t it, it would add a pretty interesting attributes, do I get fat and so can survive for a longer period without food, less affected by weather, more health maybe (?).
Or do I keep my guy skinny, more stamina and a bit faster, makes less noise (?)

Obiously it needs a lot of thought to make it balanced, I think it’s a great Idea and it would bring a lot of depth that other games don’t have.

Well, when you put it like that, it sounds amazing :3

Muscles would be builded by casual things like choppin wood etc and it would also require big amounts of food to keep them.
Also deeper food system with proteins etc would be cool
And crops like tomatoes etc
Damn this game got so much of potential

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isn’t this the thing from san andreas