Body despawn time

I don’t know how many other people feel this way, but I feel as if body despawn time is way to short. Can we change this please. With maps that take 20+ minutes to cross, no map and the randomness of spawn I would love to see a longer respawn time.

its just recently been increased to 30 mins. i presume you are on main branch rather than dev? if so, give it time and it will come over.

lol… people never read at least the first page before posting a new thread… it was the hot topic all this week… and already solve… :suicide:

Was playing dev last night, there needs to be some logic to speed up the decay if all the body has is a rock and/or torch. The spawn points were littered with bodies. Can’t be good on the server.

Check the site out for updates of what ever kind they may be. And even before you ask your question, they’ve been answered already :wink:

Well the forums are too long to browse through so I did a search. Didn’t see any that related to what I posted so I posted this. The time as someone else has posted is definitely not 30 mins. It generally doesn’t last the time it takes to be able to respawn at a bag. Roughly 5 minutes I believe!

Or they need some negative reinforcement to discourage suiciding.

There is a trello card for it.

are you opted into the dev branch, or playing normal experimental, because that will make all the difference for now.

This week’s update hasn’t dropped yet. The despawn time was changed THIS WEEK, which means you won’t see the changes unless you log into the development BETA branch, or you wait for the update to drop later today. Then, I can assure you, despawn time will be 30 mins…