Body despawning

It seems like in new Rust that bodies despawn WAY faster than what they used to, its actually pretty annoying to be killed a couple minutes away from your house and then watch your body disappear before you can reach it. The despawn timer should be bumped up in my opinion!

I tend to agree with this… half a rust day would be better. Despawn the body if it is empty. It would be nice to get a “loot all” button too.

There used to be a “loot all” button, but it was removed to make looting corpses more risky by leaving you vulnerable longer.

Well with the very laggy and unresponsive crafting menu (the old one was so smooth) looting takes an eternity. Moving stuff that disappears and pops back to the body after you move another object… Anyways, it just needs to be increased as bodies disappear too quickly. I was in a battle earlier, 3v3 melee, and half the bodies disappeared before we finished. So either the time needs to increase or the body needs to drop its items before it despawns New Rust looks stunning but it still has some issues which make playing kinda difficult.

They’ve already stated they’re working on an updated UI, just be patient.