Body persistence, letting nature do its thing.

So, I see Garry has added an the ability for animals to feast on the remains of things when they become hungry. I was thinking it would be pretty cool if our player’s corpse de-spawn timers could be increased to a few days if we added a few nightly wolf packs spawning around areas with the sole purpose of tracking corpses and cleaning things up. I feel like most of what is needed for this system is in place. Can anyone think of any reasons this might be tough to implement? What are your thoughts?

I like the idea but people like me that have enough trouble getting decent frames in populated servers would only be punished even more, to the point that playing might now be possible. If one day this WAS possible without performance problems then there could be cool stuff like the meat on the body spoiling after a day or two.

So, your issue is the extra bodies laying around? Well I guarantee Garry will be increasing the body despawn timers after a while and if he hasn’t optimized things enough for your system you will be hurting.

What I am saying here is when that time comes, damn near everything is in place for letting wolves roam about and actively seek bodies. They have the eating down, the ai to move to points and we could write off their ability to zero in on corpses as smelling them. As far as scripting the wolf pack ai, just spawn the wolfs on the very edge of a quadrant, and fill a list with with the coords of bodies within the quadrant and pass it to the wolves. Then have the server do a quick sort on the list to make it ordered by distance from their pack leader. Now it’s the wolves turn. They move about going to coords on the list, eating corpses till daybreak. If they are within say 20 meters of a corpse and are unable to consume it for 1 minute, (Corpse in a house) they move on to the next one.

Overall I don’t think we actually have a good perspective on how 1 rust day of corpse clutter effects frames. To my understanding Garry ended up changing a lot of things simultaneously to help mitigate lag (speedtree code altering, item despawn rates, corpse despawn rates) in a short period of time. Before that when you hopped into a server you were dealing with days upon days of corpse and item buildup.

Correct me if I am wrong on this last bit.

I can’t say I know either. My first reaction to every idea that involves adding more stuff for the server to keep track of, is to worry about performance.

I really like the sound of roaming wolf packs too, that would be a much clearer and genuine threat than a single randomly patrolling wolf every 50 feet or so. In fact, all animals in general should eventually get some more advanced and realistically convincing AI. Given that I don’t really know how this would be created other than if/when trigger functions, I can’t say where there might be problems other than the performance that I mentioned before, but even that might not be a problem.

Somehow I doubt a few hundred dead bodies is going to lag people down worse than the thousands of wolf skulls, burned and spoiled meat, and discarded rocks did.

Anyway though, the main reason I like this idea isn’t for the lag reduction, it is for the fact that bodies will be able to decay faster in different conditions. Some guy gets shot through the head in a house and some folks come 2 days later to break in and loot him, his bodies still there. If someone dies outside from blood loss from a wound and dies lodged between some rocks and cant be found, the wolves come clean them up at the end of the day.